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3 Spiritual Rules to Live By – Fear Not, Judge Not, Resist Not

Consider life. What if we had no worry of the future, no judgment about others or ourselves, as well as no resistance to new experiences. Wouldn’t that be an excellent world?

Life Before Conception (Birth)

I was quickly mosting likely to title this article “Life prior to Birth” however “Life prior to Conception” is better suited since the life I am describing is not the life of an unborn child in the mother’s womb; it is the life of someone before they are even conceived! Nonetheless, I will utilize “birth” and also “conception” to refer to the same thing. For years, as a little boy I fantasized the idea of having actually lived prior to; a thought I never comfortably shown to anyone since it appeared weird when compared to the norm.

Is This the Best Possible World There Can Be?

With corruption and also greed anywhere, criminal activity and viciousness, question amongst pals as well as coworkers, it may be hard to see how God’s providence is working out for the very best. But there has actually always been corruption. God’s will certainly for the world is not that He waves a magic wand as well as all of a sudden everything is excellent.

The Rich Reward of Giving Wealth Away

Due to the fact that we live under God’s poise as well as love, we no more need to provide every cent we have away in order to continue under the Lord’s kind divine superintendence. Yet the nature of God’s salvation is such that it comes extra quickly to those in demand. For those in requirement are constantly looking heavenward for help as well as support.

Life in Death Revealed

Maturing as little kid, fatality was one attribute that grasped my young heart. The believed about me dying someday was depressing; it practically sent me into tears every time. I usually would certainly believe: “what goes on in the ‘mind’ of a dead individual?

God’s Promises For You From the Bible

Discover some of the major guarantees God made to you in His Word. God’s guarantees to you hold true and also will certainly come to pass when you choose to obtain them as well as act on them.

David and Goliath – Was David a Weakling Or a Champion?

There is an useful lesson to be picked up from David, the champion in the Scriptures who eliminated Goliath. Similar to David, you can use your God-given skill as well as abilities to be victorious regularly.

The Philosophy of Change and Enlightenment

Have you ever been through a moment of exhilaration … chose to start a brand-new life and leave addictions as well as negative behaviors behind your back … slid back once more … tried to remember this moment over and over however you fell short … had a self talk like “you can never ever change?” A number of us, like me, have experienced some previous failures or addictions as well as were happened to have some minutes of enlightenment which dropped the light of recognition upon our activities and eliminated the fog from our function of life.

The Meaning of Life – I Have Found the Answer to True Enlightenment

These days, there are a terrific numerous individuals around who claim to have the responses we seek to several of the greatest questions we all ask. Why are we below? Is there life out there in area? Is there a God?

Are Altar Calls Biblical?

I have constantly been taught when any individual that wishes to offer their life to the Lord, or re-dedicate their life to the Lord, they need to move forward. I was told I needed to take the initial steps down the aisle to come to the Lord. This is really going to stun you. No one is saved as the outcome of a church call …

Living Life Unconsciously

Do you feel sometimes that you are simply undergoing the movements, living life automatically? Did you recognize that this sensation is in fact close to spirituality, extra so than being entirely as well as constantly enthralled with life?

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