Whats Happening For You This JULY? (PICK A CARD)

A Chapter On Counting Blessings

Did you recognize that every min of each day, God is true blessing you? Whether we identify it or otherwise, whether we see it or not, whether we are experiencing hell or otherwise.

A Second Chance to Save Lives

This write-up was “sent” to me to aid open the pathway to believing in extra favorable means when life might seem challenging. One Feather specified that you need to appreciate your life every day that you are offered an opportunity to stir up. Every time you open your eyes, it is a new possibility for you to drive yourself to areas never ever considered in the past. You are offered a 2nd chance to always do things in a manner that makes you extra efficient, and also adequate. Each time something emerges that you have encountered previously, you have the ability to make changes to fix what did not function.

I’ll Take Mine Well Done, Thanks

CAUTION: If you occur to be a person who doesn’t have ANY type of Spiritual path/philosophy you care concerning (or don’t think YOU have a Spirit that overviews you by any means), please don’t review any further. Doing so will either confuse you and/or piss you off.

Gettin’ Nekkid

It’s time for me – as well as I would certainly suggest for EVERYBODY – to actually get nude (not essentially, except with a willing companion, obviously). This is not a retro throwback to extracurricular relations I’m supporting. What I’m doing today is I’m obtaining emotionally, psychologically, as well as Spiritually naked.

Reaching God Through Islam

Islam is God’s Last Message to mankind which He motivated to His Last Carrier, Muhammad (PBUH). Islam is by no means a new faith. It is the faith of Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Moses, and Jesus.

How Belief In Jesus Stops Communication With God

Is your belief in Jesus preventing your interaction with God? Discover exactly how your confidence in Christianity may be undermining your belief in Jesus and hindering of your relationship with God.

Lessons Learned in Hoodoo Land

Are you in requirement of drink? Fed up with trying acting you have everything together? Take a lesson from the hoodoo’s in the Arizona desert.

Why God Doesn’t Answer Prayers

Many individuals think that God does not address prayers. However what if He does? Suppose there belongs you must play as well as you just didn’t recognize it? What would certainly it imply to you to recognize that God WOULD address your petition? Read on.

How to Do Pranayama

Yoga exercise and also reflection – Yoga exercise asana aids to unite your body mind and also spirit so that you can proceed in the direction of the spiritual path of life in an unified way. Spirituality does not need you to discard your riches and also worldly life; rather it enhances your experiences in every area. Pranayama is that spiritual course to spiritual upliftment and minutes of happiness in an or else ordinary life.

Spirituality’s Magnificent Seven

7 magnificent things God gives us. The power at our admission of our need for aid, support in his love, true blessing to live for his magnificence, the capability to research his Word, the privilege to offer in his Kingdom, as well as the ability for and also enjoyment of remainder.

The Unshakable Power of Femininity

Many individuals see femininity as being weak as well as bending to someone else’s will. It’s fairly the contrary. Femininity has to do with having the power of winds as well as seas which can shape any high cliffs as well as hills. It is about having such fluidness that it comes to be unwavering, unstainable and also uncertain. Does water bend to the will of watercrafts, or do watercrafts follow the flow of water? Does the wind bend to the will of high cliffs, or does it shape the high cliffs?

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