Virgo “Use Your Best Judgement” April 1-14, 2022 Bi-Weekly Tarot Reading

Blood Sacrifices and God

We have a global God. He is an almighty Spirit of love, will, and also knowledge.

Spirituality – Can We Access More Energy and Spiritual Growth by Working With Our Energy Field?

Do you desire to expand and develop spiritually? Do you intend to have more power? I wager this is not what you were anticipating.

Danger Ahead! The Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Free Thinking Spiritual Paths Like New Thought – Or Not!

If you’re particular of the truth of the spiritual course you follow, then this short article may not be for you. Nonetheless, if you are a severe applicant, one that recognizes that he/she does not truly recognize, after that you’ve involved the appropriate place. In a bit of a parody, I play the role of an unwieldy believer who believes he has the Truth. At the end, he’s not so particular …

The Aura – 3 Ideas to Ponder Over the Existence of the Aura

Do you think that the human AURA exists? Just what is the Human mood? For the majority of people this is an abstract idea something intangible. The principle of life energy is just a notion, a suggestion, something unnoticeable.

Sin and Evil

This article summarize the trainings regarding transgression and evil that Mary Ann Johnston received from Jesus for her book Messages from Jesus. Sin is specified, dissociated from the judgmental ideas usually related to it. These ideas are unloving and maintain us from advancing to a higher level of awareness. The nature of wickedness is cleared up, and wickedness is identified from miseries that show us hard lessons, and disasters that belong to Planet’s natural cleansing procedure. The consequences of transgression and evil, as well as the mitigating power of forgiveness are aimed out.

Cosmo Kramer, the Cosmological Argument and the Existence of God

The majority of readers will understand Kramer from Seinfeld – one of one of the most unforgettable characters ever before on tv – ‘Cosmo’ Kramer. For some, the name makes them assume ‘cosmo-logy’. If that’s thought about a bit on the ‘geeky’ side, so be it.

Another Key to Knowing You Deserve More is to Understand Your Immutable Soul

We mess up. Occasionally the mistake is disastrous. We really feel damaged. But we can not be damaged because we become part of The Whole. Transform your life around understanding your spirit is ideal.

A Flower on a Vine

There was a really sick male and also when his buddy came for a check out he asked what he assumed. Without lifting his head the man aimed at a creeping plant growing on a garden wall. He said he would last no longer than the blossom.

The Healer Within

Are you unwell? Not really feeling too well lately? Do you have returning health problem? Have you been told you have an incurable disease?

Growth – It’s the Name of the Game of Life

The voyage of life, the rolling, plunging trip, has concerning it an objective. Yet several live without objective and certainly without front-of-mind goals that are visible to the outdoors globe through that thing called “development.”

Tim Tebow & Urban Meyer Success Secrets Leading Florida Gators to SEC and National Championships

Tim Tebow led the Florida Gators to another success over FSU tonight to prepare for the national college football championship against # 2 Alabama following week. Hebrews 12:1 -2 written on Tebow’s face below his eyes was misquoted after that half quoted by the TV commentator. It was said of Florida Gators head trainer Urban Meyer that …

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