The Spiritual Warrior

“Do not blunder being a spiritual warrior with seeking a person or something to eliminate with. Due to the fact that your fight is constantly going to be with the devils within you, not the outside world.”

Who Is Right?

It appears to be an universal demand to somehow wish to be right. You are encouraged that your idea system is the best one.

Christ Calls Episcopals to Wake Up

This is a message from Jesus Christ to the Episcopal Church. I am the one who has the seven spirits of God and also the seven celebrities. You are dead and I am calling you to get up.

Listening to and Obeying God

Just how does God connect with us? And just how do we recognize it’s God speaking with us?

Finding Inner Peace – Part 10 – The Purpose of Trauma and Crisis in Our Spiritual Growth

My experience as a counselor suggests Dark Evening signs and symptoms are taking place at one or even more periods throughout the lives of many individuals in our time. For some, symptoms of disorientation and also loss show up after unexpected injury, bereavement or severe illness. For others it is experienced as a fragmentation of vanity identity coming with age, retirement, redundancy, mishap, debility or when our kids leave residence. It could also come when, among the outward appearance of success, there appears to be no direct explanation for the absence of purpose and depression they really feel. It can even reflect disillusionment and also world-weariness resulting from the ruthlessness and also inhumanity being plentiful in our times. I believe this common experience is an indicator of something very wrong in the way we are performing our lives. In our modern times we are staying in a mentally-based globe, one in which we most value progression, status, properties as well as competitiveness. The issue is our lives are unbalanced. We are falling short to take the spirit into account and this disregard is having serious repercussions.In this period of enhancing expertise and info overload, we understand very little regarding opening the heart as well as also much less concerning the real significance of Love.

Finding Inner Peace – Part 7 – Living From the Higher Perspective

The Caring Daddies make it clear that it is pointless trying to attune to greater knowledge while harboring resentments or animosities that keep you bound to the reduced levels. Lower degrees of awareness with their restricted point of views and also petty issues are the home of such unfavorable feelings as temper, really feeling malevolent and deceit which drag down as well as limit the vibrancy that your spirit requires. Enjoying adverse emotions or tiny minded concerns also clutters the networks to spirit as well as creates heaviness and disharmony within – the taboo to the buoyancy of spirit. Vigilance in keeping the powers within the higher levels can not be undervalued. We can be dragged down by hing on the opinion of others for our well being, being not able to deflect criticism even when it simply is an item of the accuser’s own pathology or unresolved problems, or allowing one more to curb your natural self-expression and also limit your freedom. It is essential that your spirit is allowed to skyrocket, to sing, and also to share the entire of your being. It is your jubilant wholeness that invites Divinity within.

Finding Inner Peace – Part 3 – Being Our True Selves

“Love the charm and toughness that is your Being. Do not fight who you absolutely are. Enter your glory. Never ever forget the wondrous being that you are, for to become the fullness of your higher Self, is to develop the consciousness shift that is called for of you.” This quotation from my inner guidance, which originally I objectified as the “Caring Dads” in order to attempt to recognize it, needed to be repeated numerous times prior to I began to include it right into my life. In some way it is less complicated to rely on our limitations than our bigger selves.

Finding Inner Peace – Part 2 – What Does It Mean to Be Spiritual?

Maybe we have actually been shown that on a regular basis mosting likely to church on Sunday or Saturday makes us spiritual individuals, or at the very least spiritual ones. I recommend that it could properly be said that all it truly reveals is that these are people with strongly held practices. I ought to draw focus below to the difference I make between “spiritual” and also “spiritual”. Not all religious people are spiritual and also not all spiritual people are religious.

Spiritual Expansion – Energy Is Everything and Everything Is Energy

What is energy and why is it so crucial? Power is concrete. It is incredibly elusive. It will not be ignored on any degree. Your activities, thoughts as well as emotions lug and also develop power. Energy belongs of life. It is an essential element of all living things.

How Do You Become Spiritual?

Spirituality is your natural condition. Spirituality describes your internal self, your significance, that crucial part of you which is much deeper, more profound as well as a lot more original than any other part of you. Coming to be spiritual means becoming who you are, through stages of obstacle, assumption and also personal development. The authentic spiritual life is the means past fear, because it is the course to fact as well as reality, and the method to what is infinite.

Finding Inner Peace – Part 5 – How to Enter the Love Space

There appears to be some built-in time frame to our state of remaining in love, or to preserving a love relationship with another. Certainly tensions develop because we both bring differing assumptions and cause indicate the circumstance. It holds true that the honeymoon phase eventually results in a time when ordinary factors to consider take the leading edge setting; our requirement to make money, economic stress, household chores, the washing. All these call for an extremely different level of working from the one you appreciated throughout the honeymoon duration. So when splitting up as well as dispute strikes, what do you do?

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