Realization of Occult Truth

Understanding is an additional name for greater consciousness. Just how does one find the fact regarding awareness and also how to obtain it?

You Can Only Afford The Very Best

There is one standard regulation of deep space, that being “You get what you focus on” period. We are makers of our own fact both separately and en masse. Now, some take that statement in a symbolic way, thinking that maybe if we strive at something over an extended period of time, we will much more than likely prosper.

Can We Escape Death?

Immortality. Is it feasible? Can we achieve it and stay clear of death? Clearly not. We can not prevent fatality or tax obligations in this life. Actually, they’re about the only points that are taken care of. So should we attend to the whole fatality inquiry or avoid it?

There is No “Them”

I have actually been looking for solutions to my concerns regarding individuals in this world. There are ramblings from a guy who finally sees the reality. There is genuinely no “them.”

Who is Observing?

Ok. I have pointed to a future message, one in which I would certainly be using my ideas on the inner theater that takes area within each people. You recognize how we have these internal observations and there is a person talking and also somebody listening, or somebody doing something and someone viewing.

Now What?

Have you ever before reached your goal and afterwards really did not recognize what to do following? Or, have you ever made it with a very challenging situation just to find yourself not sure of what you will do “now”?

Forgiveness is Good

I am talking, obviously, from my individual experience and years of observation, both outwardly as well as inwardly. It takes both you see, and also what I have concerned think concerning forgiveness is that without it we can not heal, and also recovery is what the world requires. Enable me to specify: If I really desire peace for myself, and also all others as well, I am compelled to confront my relationship with my self initially.

Can You Ever Know?

I have a friend. His name is Glynn. He is 91.

God’s Mercy

There will be tears and there will certainly be nights of grief. Do not surrender. You will get elegance and also mercy as well as all the important things God guaranteed.

Contrast – Balance – Choice – Freedom

Not too long earlier, I reached a location where I was challenged with a number of inquiries. I had actually been rolling merrily along when, all of a sudden, I really did not understand who I was.

I Choose Peace

Tranquility. Among my preferred words … and the something that I desire a lot of.

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