Keeping it Real

What do you see shown back at you when glimpsing into a mirror, glass, or lake? Is it the actual you, or the representation of the masks you desire others to see?

The Influence of Buddhism on the New Age Movement

Buddhism and the New Age “The experience of each new age needs a new confession, as well as the globe appears always awaiting its poet”. This post summarises the core ideologies and also beliefs of the New Age activity and briefly information the origins and also commonalities between Buddhism and also its influence on the counter society activity of the 1960s and its ultimate divergence.

Crystal Healing For Interconnectedness

Interconnectedness? What is that also indicate? It is the process of everything as well as everybody being linked, an unity regarding life. Now just how does this relate to you and also your life generally?

House & Home Cleansing Techniques

Residence and house cleansings can be provided for numerous reasons. I am not speaking regarding the typical spring cleaning, however an energised one to eliminate unfavorable and stagnant power, energised particles, earth power lines that can cause injury and damage, electro-magnetic wave disturbance from appliances, and also spiritual entities that feed off of power areas.

Rapid Change With Crystal Healing

Everyone desires modification as well as in all locations of their lives. Some want this for their jobs, while others are concentrating on their love lives, and also yet others desire practically whatever in their life to transform. Just how can you raise the price of modification when everything in life has its very own gestational periods?

Spirit Wants to Reward You

Go for the gold! You must constantly really feel lifted up by your potential as well as power. However, it is just you that can really feel the benefits of what you are doing. Caring yourself will certainly make a distinction.

Our Holographic Universe in the New Earth Hologram

Boosting research into quantum physics as well as the pursuit for better understanding of the human energy field has actually produced a completely novel discovery that we do reside in a Holographic World. Not just do we reside in a continually changing area of energy reacting to our very ideas and also detects, but what we think about to be the ‘mind’ exists not in our brain yet in that dynamic area of power.

Regaining Personal Power With Crystals

Individual power is something that every living thing on this world has. It does not matter if you are a human, canine, pet cat, tree, plant, or any kind of various other living thing – all of us have our own personal power. So, what is individual power anyways?

As You Seek For Peace Today

At the close of this day, what will be your most cherished minutes, of the happenings of this day? When you rested in your silent time this early morning, did you look for to receive a message of charm and true blessing for the lives of others you will come in contact with today? “Let your demands be made known to God,” is a command we obtain with the assuming that we have actually considered what we want.

Catholicism Prepared Me For The Goddess

In admiration for my beginning education and learning as well as spiritual foundation in Catholicism, I located a path to a religion much better fit for my sassy, wild means: Wicca and also witchcraft. Proclaiming myself thus put a significant strain on my relationship with my staunchly spiritual Catholic family members.

Awareness and Consciousness – A Wave of Love

You have 3 facilities: reasoning, feeling and being. You have three centers: the head, the heart as well as your nature. Feeling is much closer to your nature than believing.

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