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Practical Spirituality – Top 5 Benefits to Balancing Your Energy Field

Why do we need to balance our power fields? Power Fields out of balance suggests lives out of equilibrium. Continue reading to discover extra.

The Apology – A Godly Construct of Second Chance

“If there’s one point I’ve striven to master it’s stating sorry. As a participant of the human race I have actually had a lot of practise.”

Why Are You Fearful?

If you have plenty of fear you are not filled with belief. The reason is because without confidence it is impossible to please Him. No one would claim I am trying to disappoint the Lord, yet if we are fearful we are doing just that. So the question would certainly be, if worry has been controling me, what can I do regarding it?

Staying Spiritually Sharp

We’re informed to remain sharp, aware, wide awake. The spiritual trip is a whole-of-life matter that we can not compromise on.

What Good Are Wings If You Can’t Feel the Wind on Your Face?

There is a real trouble in this oft-plastic world of ours. There are a lot of subscribers to the ‘wings theory,’ who likewise together never or just seldom experience the wind on their faces.

You Must Develop the Power Within to Have the Power Within

Although this is a normal short article on “hopefulness”, I am going to place a spin on it. I am proceeding under the auspices of “appropriate thinking” over “positive reasoning” due to the fact that spiritually to get things right, we should be best inside rather than incorrect. We should create ideal as opposed to incorrect. This is what this article is about in no unclear terms.

Guidance For Leaders Who Are Searching For Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Development

Psalms 120 to 134 give us impressive stages of spiritual advancement and management which we can share with others. There are posts covering these fifteen Psalms with the various helpful captions under my name. These Psalms suggest steps that are almost necessary for leaders to take and also to teach and to share with those around them. It is a reach maturity as those explorers climbed up the slopes of Jerusalem on their way to worship the living God. Psalm 131 is everything about humility and expanding as well as maturing as well as carrying on in God.

A Prophecy From a Seer That Helped Steer Me Upon the Spiritual Path

In this story I recall a really unique, uncommon, eccentric girl who provided me a revelation in church when I was thirteen years old and going through a really tough time at home with a violent daddy. This amazing lady recognized features of me that I had actually never informed anyone. She understood that I had visions and also psychic as well as paranormal encounters. She motivated me to be pleased with my gifts and claimed that I would aid a great deal of people and assured me that God and his angels would certainly always supervise me.

Conquerors – Come on Down!

That is it that gets rid of the globe? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Boy of God. -1 John 5:5 (TNIV).

The Nature of God’s Judgment and Our Necessary Response

An individual plainly in the wrong strives for some sense of complete satisfaction from a bureaucracy, and also via bitter, extended problem they ultimately get their way. Bureaucracy bows in the spirit of public relations with the danger of adverse media protection looming. Then, when all is meant to be cleared up, the hurt celebration changes their mind and wants the decision reversed so they can battle it to make a little cash out of the bargain.

When You Are Spiritually Weaned, You Should No Longer Be Making the Same Spiritual Messes

I have actually stilled and also silenced my soul, like a discouraged youngster with its mommy, like a weaned child is my soul within me. These are amongst the relocating opening words of Psalm 131. Do reach for your Scriptures and also read it.

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