2012 Signs of the Apocalypse?

It is anticipated that with the end of the calendar, a brand-new age will begin from absolutely no, therefore indicating the end of life. The Mayans essentially complied with three schedules; a solar schedule which was 365 days long and a divine schedule which was 260 days long. Both these calendars integrated every 52 years.

The Power of Expectation

I expect to obtain a letter from my buddy today. I expect to shed some weight next year. I expect to earn more money at my work.

The Birth of the Spirit in Us

This article is concerning the birth of the spirit in us. This is the phase when the seed or sperm of the spirit, after having been developed in us after time is born as the spirit of God in us.

The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel – Real Magick

When individuals think regarding words Magick, Harry Potter and/or balloon techniques come to mind. Both are much from what the tough reality of the issue means to an enlightened whole lot.

The New World Order – The Government of the New Age

Federal government is to a society what the head is to the body. We are told by the old wisdom trainings that in a wish to establish a magnificent kingdom in the world, which would be a representation of the kingdom Above, our many governmental systems were created.

The Conception of the Spirit in Us

This post is a conversation of the fertilization of the spirit in us. After the egg cell of the spirit is fed in us, fertilization adheres to.

The Growth of the Spirit Among Us

This post discusses the development of the spirit amongst us. This becomes part of the advancement of the spirit among us. There is an internal dynamism in the spirit to grow. As he/she expands he/she absorbs the food proper to him/her, he/she requirements exercise and also rest, and also he/she additionally connects a growing number of sympathetically with his/her moms and dad God and also spirit brothers as well as siblings.

How to Control Your Karma

Do you believe you can manage your Fate? If you could, what difference would certainly it make? Discover what you can do.

Essay on Ego

What is vanity? Vanity is a suggestion of separation from our real selves, from God, from each various other, that we invited into our minds to verify to ourselves that we, that were created one with all that is, can offer ourselves a different experience, an experience of being self-authored, or self developed, or developed in our photo, instead than in God’s photo.

Is Karma Real and Can You Have Control of It?

Are you impacted by Karma? Do you know what it is? Keep reading to uncover what it is and what it is not.

Angel Guidance – 5 Ways the Angels Are Communicating With You

If you’re not sure whether Angels are communicating with you then you’re possibly holding a restricting idea that’s causing you question as well as avoiding you from hearing, seeing and understanding their assistance. Simply for a week, why not make believe? What have you got to shed? Nothing, as well as so much to gain. Try!

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