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The Divine Woman Of Royalty

Alexander is a member of an ancient and also one-of-a-kind sect of Christianity, which existed for centuries before the Orthodox/Catholic sects even existed. The structure of this sect was built on the old principals of the Israelite Essene Christian Belief; the original Christianity. Yeshua Ben Joseph, the Messiah was birthed right into this Spiritual Body, of the “Female Clothed in the Sunlight”; a people of living Pythonic Acts, with Manifest Present, Miracles, Discovery, Prediction, Recovery, and also Vision. As a prophet of the Spiritual Molokan Nation, Alexander has started to instruct those complex tricks of the Holy Spirit, which have been passed down for centuries, generation to generation, by the Living Carriers of God. For more information about how you could begin building your own personal “Prophetic Journey in Life”, browse through Alexander’s web site as well as bookstore to start an outstanding trip of spiritual transformation.

Israel Is God’s Beloved Children, Isaiah Chapter 5

There is confusion over who belongs to your home of Israel. That is no much longer the instance as the whole day of the Lord has actually been one of prep work for the distribution of God’s children at the end of it.

Israel Is the Vineyard of God

The Old Testament is tough for lots of due to the fact that they are blinded by the New Testimony which contradicts it. When the truth is understood, however, the prophesies given up it will be met and also the Kid of Israel will certainly be the winners.

Why Is the Daughter of Zion Here Now?

The enigma of the day of the lord is resolved and also now God’s kids are cost-free to stroll away from the rubbish that has actually constrained them. They need just seek to the truth to be released from the loss of sight and also deafness that hid the Spirit.

As I Psychic, Do You Believe In God?

Do psychics as well as tools count on God? I get asked rather a great deal but it depends on the person you are talking with. I can just answer for myself – although I understand many buddies share the same sensations on this subject, Some people presume we don’t as they see being psychic as fairly profane and going versus their view of God.

God Was Never On a Cross

God’s children were kidnapped and also burglarized by the 2 beasts of Discovery 13:13 -18. They are being restored currently as the Spirit moves to bring them to Mount Zion with the job of the Child of Zion as we enter the last days.

The Evil World of 666 Will Soon End

While we all deal with wickedness of some description several do not know from whence death will come as they also walk in the streets of their areas. The world is so filled with evil that nobody is risk-free which is exactly how 666 and his mates have made it.

Why We Are At The End of Days – Jeremiah 25

Many know that the end of days can not be that away when the important things occurring currently are taken into consideration. The Old Testimony predictions verify that it is component of the strategy of God.

God Sent a Woman to Overturn 666, Jeremiah 31:22

Mary was the name of the sun star of Babylon as well as it is the origin of the term ‘marry’ as men died on crosses to be her companions. Currently the Spirit has provided me the understanding and also power to bring Constantine down and eliminate the lies that caught God’s children.

The New Testament Was Not Written by Apostles of Christ

Jerome was appointed by Damasus, the Bishop of Rome, to assemble the New Testament at the end of the fourth CAD. The objective was to yield a message that the numerous branches of the Catholic organisation established by Constantine in 325 ADVERTISEMENT can make use of for consistency. The emperor designed Jesus Christ, which is validated in Discovery 13:13 -18.

The Amorite of Amos 2:9 Identified by the Daughter of Zion

The woman at the end of the day was always assured to get here and she is the child of Zion. Now God has a voice and a platform through the Net.

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