Why Can’t I Focus on God Today? Am I Spiritually ADD?

For those days when you simply can’t obtain “in-tune” with the Lord. Does this mean God has left us? Should we hide from God?

Messages From Spirit – Start Listening

Every day we receive regarding hundreds to countless messages by Spirit, but we often do not pay attention. We are busy with our “actual” life and our mind is so occupied with ideas that these messages don’t get listened to. We need to relax our thoughts, open and listen.

Tracking This Idea Called “Ministry” at Age 30

It’s an interesting time of life, thirty that is. It’s maybe among the initial times in your life that you really start to look “back” on your life. Sure, it’s not the mid-life situation that older people might undergo, yet regret goes from being simply an idea to being a neatly put truth in the annals of your mind …

The Anatomy of Ritual, Spellwork, and Magick

A few of the metaphysical strategies as well as tools utilized within these systems include the elementals, altars, circles, pentagrams and also hexagrams, meditation, divination (tarot, astrology, etc), petition, solar as well as lunar correspondences, conjuration, beauties, amulets and also amulets, dolls, sticks, and also several other powerful tools for the invocation, evocation as well as petitioning of spirit. Within Indigenous American spirituality and routine, as an example, there has a tendency to be an effort at keeping equilibrium, tranquility, as well as consistency between the ordinary world as well as the global pressures (powers) of Spirit or Gitchi Manidoo.

Consciousness and Ego – Based on These Two, the Life-Drama is Played Out

If mind were a home, then the ego is its lessee. If mind were a tree, the vanity is an inhabitant bird in it-they both are born with each other, they live with each other, and they die with each other. There is a third entity within the mind: the witness.The witness is that understanding which witnesses the mind and the vanity. And also lastly, there is the Consciousness, which powers them all, as well as it (the awareness) functions as a tool with which the God (the maker of all phenomenon) watches as well as implements His will.

Learning to Listen to Your Spirit

Messages from the Divine are throughout you regardless of the circumstances of your life. Finding out to listen to these messages is not just feasible, but likewise gives you with a course to success.

Don’t Give Up on Your Connection to Source

I assume one of the most common inquiry asked during a Brahama session is “Exactly how can I have a connection to Source?” or “What should I do to feel that link to the Greater Power?” The solution usually starts with the suggestion that beginning a reflection practice.

A World of Blessing – Yes, For You!

I see a vision of you, of me … a picture of boundless potential; one parallel to dreaming, yet a vision released in magnificent truth and light– a blazing reality; something best. There’s whole lots of true blessing in advance for you; you’ll love life and also live it packed with hope. You simply wait and see.

Words, Thoughts, Water and YOU

Words and the power of words was the theme last week. Today, allow’s advance the same style as well as discover the effect of words and also thoughts on water and the extraordinary recovery power of water. Do not fail to remember to see the incredible images of water crystals mirroring various sort of thoughts.

The Power of Gratitude

Thankfulness adjustments your outlook from looking via a lens of lack to browsing a lens of opportunity. They are two very various locations for your spirit to rest. Words are power and it is your choice what words you give life. You can speak yourself into struggle as well as sadness or you can picked words that recognize the presents, talents, experiences as well as people in your life that edify your heart. Being thankful lays the ground benefit changing scenarios.

Way to Power, Love, and Self-Discipline – Fan Your Spiritual Flame!

Intend to leave the emotional and also spiritual seesaw and develop the balance? Come on down!

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