Time Travel – Is It Possible?

This 2 component article describes the realities regarding time traveling as well as also take a trip to other alien people in various other galaxies. I discuss just how travel to various other galaxies require not remain in room cars, however via the internal flows of the mind, forecasting the consciousness in out-of-body states, after that reconstructing the physical body at the selected destination factor.

Truth and Transformation

Everybody, it would seem, is motivated to attain the bountiful life – up until now as their understanding permits their entryway. Not everyone, consequently, recognizes what the abundant life is, as well as a result how to arrive. (Likewise, several would not desire it if they understood what it required.) The bountiful life is improvement. As well as just those curious about the fact will certainly be skilled at obtaining it.

The Recommendation Series – Live Today!

Will I approve His convenience as well as remainder in the confidence of His treatment? Or do I challenge Him on every front with not only concerns however additionally a dealing with tongue with activities to match? Do I wince away in rejection that a God of justice has put me via yet one more belief test?

Jesus Freaks – Truth and Humility – In The Flesh

Any person reading the Sermon on the Mount will certainly note its extreme stance, knowledgeable for knowledgeable. The scripture is an extreme message. The Christian confidence is, itself, a radicalised way of living life. There is nothing typical concerning it. Yet, all Christians will certainly find themselves living non-radical, typical lives by default; unless they will expose themselves constantly to God’s flagship virtues: reality and humbleness.

My Cat, Bandit

My pet cat Outlaw has fairly a personality. He loves to play as well as also revives a light weight aluminum foil ball when you throw it for him.

Learning To Live Spontaneously: Loosening Our Hold on Fear and Desire

Life is a dance between 2 intense feelings: fear and need. We go back and also forth in between these 2 throughout our lives. Yet what we’re discovering here is what comes before and infuses life before desire and also concern.

Karma and Awareness

We typically listen to “what goes around occurs.” Some people think this is a good, if brief, explanation of the law of fate. Nonetheless, it is a distorted as well as over-simplified understanding of a deeply complicated and also extremely nuanced spiritual legislation since it bypasses the vital truth that we, like life itself, are really challenging which the energies we create handle a life of their very own as they flow through our lives and the lives of others.

Committing to the Unchanging God

The imperishable God is unchangeable in this: there is no Magnificent turn-back concerning the redemption of gospel believers. We have actually not died, and also we will not die. There is a consistency about God that matches paradoxically with our inconsistency. And also this is the crucial to our hope: that we agree the imperishable nature of God, leaving the stricture of that changeable chameleon nature of our unpredictable humankind long back.

Ascension – How to Clear Upsets Using the Ascension Process

I check out a post by Steve Beckow that tried to clarify exactly how we can manage unfavorable feelings such as rage as well as vengefulness that come up when we’re advised of what the dark side has actually done to us and our world. Just how do we take care of devastating emotions so that we lose our wish for vengeance? This article offers a point of view that does not simply duplicate the regular advice given by Steve Beckow and other light-workers.

How to Blaze Your Own Soul

With all the obstacles in today’s globe, it’s easy to really feel overwhelmed as well as baffled. Business detractions … rising house foreclosure rates … high unemployment…knee-deep in an economic downturn … decreasing retirement accounts … cut earnings and also hours … the listing appears countless.

Enoch – The Lost Books Not Canonized

This argument is a brilliant misdirection of Satan, let’s take note of what the actual concern is: Why so terrified of sound instruction? God brings back self-confidence in the lost works and casts out fear with making known the factor for the objection to guide of Enoch.

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