Winter Solstice Is a Time for Introspection and Awakening Light

Wintertime Solstice comes with me always unanticipated as the days shorten as well as the evenings lengthen. Loneliness can overtake me in the darkness, leaving me feeling empty of power, and also I have to remind myself to transform the isolation right into one of deep introspection and also honor the sacredness of transforming inward.

Question: Is Love A Choice?

This concern appears obvious but not noticeable. If somebody asks me that concern, I say “yes, love is an option.” Right?

Transcending Labels for Indigo and Crystal Children

Making use of labels to identify anybody is very limiting; however, if we have no language to use exactly how will we communicate? (Well, that is till we are all beyond the limitation of making use of words but that could still be a while off …) In the meantime, the tags that we presently have for the New Children will have to do. Let’s simply bear in mind that there is no chance on Planet we can make use of labels to pin them down to being a conclusive list of traits (e.g. Indigo/Crystal/Star/ Rainbow etc).

The God’s Law Controversy

Many individuals think that the Old covenant law is still in effect, as well as is the timeless regulation of God. Numerous Christians think that the law was done away with. Between these two positions much hostility regularly resides, and also the dispute is active in the everyday information although it’s not identified as the underlying reason of conflict.

Balancing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Maintaining the mind, body and also spirit well balanced is a requirement and is vital to healthy and balanced living. If you find that there is a discrepancy in any location, correct it quickly. Many individuals more than extended in one area and under expanded in one more. An excess in any type of one location causes a shortage in an additional area. Make certain that you have delegated sufficient time for the growth and development of mind, body, and also spirit.

What the World Needs Now

There is no growth without growing pains. There is much discomfort and experiencing taking place in the world today. Much of this suffering is because of the karma each of us are here to exercise; a lot of it is due to the corruption, the greed, as well as the need to regulate individuals that is currently being displayed by the global banks, and the world governments that they have actually gotten off.

Have an Angel Encounter For Christmas

When my much recognized company partner, Dominique, claimed that she could see, feel as well as even engage with Angels, my reaction was to well, laugh! Yes, we were both therapists, at one with our intuition as well as available to all types of alternative concepts as well as concepts, but I operate a much more substantial basis, as well as I commented that I only see a couple of plumes flying occasionally in your house when I am making the bed.

What to Do When All Hope Is Gone

Hope derive from obscurity, despair, helplessness and also discomfort. Hope surpasses brokenness and also failure. When you obtain shed, when life fails as well as when absolutely nothing else goes right, hope shows up. Hope goes much beyond the existing.

There Is More In You Than You Realize

In some cases God needs to permit stress to touch our lives to divide the valuable from the repellent! He enables the stress to make sure that we can activate the faith He positioned within our hearts! He reveals us, as we relocate triumphantly through the pressures of life, that He is loyal to what He assured – to lead us through triumphal procession in Christ.

In Defense of the Divine Masculine

A lot of the brand-new Age activity is greatly bought connecting us with the Goddess, The Divine Womanly and also the terrific mystical power of our womanly energy. I’m not stating that this isn’t a good concept, however excessive of a concentrate on simply one aspect without its polar opposite cause an unbalanced perspective. The reality of the scenario as we go hurtling towards large improvement as well as change on our impressive world, is that we absolutely do require to acknowledge and also enable for the development of the enchanting womanly power.

Dressing Up for God

It matters exactly how male offers himself to God. Worn humility and also respect is a great beginning factor. Yet what concerning clothing? Is God much less pleased with the male who comes using blue denims or with a woman who isn’t using a gown? There are policies of guys, which connect to ever changing requirements, which can’t be substantiated from Scripture, the Holy bible. We should “spruce up” for God, yet it should be the apparel we use 7 days a week.

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