Reality – Living an Illusion? (Part 1)

The solution is YES and also NO. And as Lowell Thomas would certainly claim, “Here is the remainder of the story”. Considering that much of what I have actually been discussing problems “Truth”, this seems to be a good time to try and get rid of up exactly what I am chatting regarding as well as will be discussing in the future.

Full Armor of God Defeats Satan

Have you ever before been harmed by somebody and also intended to hurt them back? This is what Satan desires us to do. He knows he can not touch our hearts, yet he is very intelligent as well as recognizes ways to get us to hurt our own souls.

Got Spirituality?

Faith is something you recognize rings true deep down within. You understand fact when you listen to reality. It’s obvious; it’s foolproof.

To Be in Silence

Ever before questioned taking place a quiet weekend break hideaway? To Be In Silence is a sensitive, informative and also humorous account of one individual’s experience to discover peace and also quiet from the madness of the world.

Government, Politics and Spirituality

All life rises from the single resource (God, Spirit …). On taking physical type we end up being far-off from that unity and adopt a distinct individuality. The purpose of physical manifestation is to experience that interference from source as well as those things that can just be experienced via communication with various other incarnate entities. As such the expertise of our origin is concealed.

2012 Predictions – The Christ Download in the Year 2012 (The Rapture)

In the year 2012, the full download of the Christ Power will certainly be sent out to Planet and change the DNA structure of all humanity to approve a new greater consciousness. Locate out what modifications this will certainly trigger to the Earth planet as well as what you can do to prepare on your own.

The Soul Loves to Forgive – It’s Not About Them – It’s About You!

Mercy is attained by consciously deciding to allow go of the negativeness that arises when you concentrate on the pain of past experiences. When you concentrate on the pain, you relive it. You bolster a link to the individual that created you discomfort, considering that person power over you. You come to be mired because negative experience and connected to the unfavorable energy that individual sends out.

Let Us Talk About God, the Bible and America

This nation based on religious flexibility has actually parked God in a separate cubbyhole. The starting fathers looked for out God’s advice in proclaiming their self-reliance from Wonderful Britain. The majority of the successful developers as well as wonderful minds of our time have all held true followers.

Quantum Physics + Wisdom of Ages = Ralph Waldo Emerson

Currently, in the New age we have the Laws of Quantum Physics. But every one of the wonderful authors, philosophers, and also metaphyscians understood about these regulations. They just made use of a various language to reveal them.

Death Note

It was simply a blinding flash of light. Well it has to have been far more I think, for it tossed me to the ground; my vision obscured. It was as if I was falling down an endless dark pit, however minus the screams and also yells of horror on the battleground over – that was Baghdad city – one that increases a brand-new scary every new minute: a woman simply widowed, a family members robbed of boys, a little girl simply raped, as well as it continues.

How Superficial Are You? The Biggest Mistake You Can Make on Your Spiritual Path

One of the biggest obstacles we encounter as spiritual candidates is the ease with which we can fall under the pretence of the superficial world of Love, Tranquility and also Delight. Don’t obtain me wrong; the globe that our spiritual teachers virtually generally ‘market’ us does exist. And the high qualities such as Love, Peace as well as Delight are there in wealth. There is nothing superficial regarding that; regrettably almost all of us aren’t there yet. What is shallow is when …

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