I Am That, I Am

Taking advantage of the Oneness with God. Why is it tough to preserve that connection. The Caring of God as the ultimate objective.

Words Are More Than Just Words!

Words you talk over others or thoughts you have regarding yourself can either bring you right into chains or offer you flexibility. Many of us seek liberty however find ourselves in chains. What should we do about this?

Consider Your Own Mortality in the Wake of Michael Jackson’s Death

The deaths of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, as well as pitchman Billy Mayes has much of us seriously assuming about our very own death. Many of us never consider our very own mortality. Our very own death is never ever considered or reviewed. As a matter of fact, the American society is extremely afraid of death – so terrified that we treat it as if it will never occur. We deal with daily anticipating to stir up the following. While intellectually we understand that death will certainly happen for all things living, we act as if fatality has no hang on us.

An Unburdensome Art – Creativity and the Pursuit of Happiness

Art starts with the need for happiness, yet this objective commonly obtains derailed since musicians don’t grow this concept of being unburdensome. Artists, for instance, constantly really feel under stress to obtain people to pay attention to their music, involved their shows, sustain them financially, etc. And also all of these stress position a huge worry on others, which leads, psychologically, to the development of defensive tendencies in the musician’s very own mind. This, in turn, makes the artist see himself as “up in arms” with the world.

Have You Ever Experienced an Angel?

What does that mean– to experience an Angel? If I asked “Have you ever before SEEN an Angel?” You may claim yes, that at least you have actually seen photos of them. But that had not been the inquiry, was it?

Words Are Powerful – But Only God Places the Power Behind Words

In God’s word it mentions that there is life or death in the power of the tongue, yet it is our Daddy that puts power behind words! Just as He supervises His Kids, He likewise views over words that are talked versus us!

Closer to God by Being the Agent of Our Peace and Its Benefits

Wish to obtain closer to God by having peace in your life? This write-up reveals you how.

Can God Lead You to Self-Discovery?

There are numerous self-help publications on the racks today about self-awareness or self-discovery. More individuals require time off each year from their regular lives to ensure that they can “find themselves.” Actually, it has actually even become rather of a joke that individuals undergoing a mid-life dilemma are looking for themselves – as though they misplaced who they are!

Ever Been Nudged by an Angel?

I bear in mind when I first started speaking with my Angel. I wondered, as I was attempting to interact with her, if she was paying attention …

Angels Are Here to Help Us

Angels are right here with all of us the time. They prepare to assist us– but they can not if we don’t allow them. For example, what do you assume occurs if we state “Angels, please send me someone to love.” After that, we reverse and close our hearts due to the fact that we “understand” we aren’t adorable.

What is Spiritual Direction?

You are regarding to discover just how you can change your life with Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction is an old practice where a private journeys with a spiritual supervisor in the search for a more detailed and also a lot more vivid connection with God.

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