Were the Israelities’ Shoes and Clothes Indestructible?

We are informed that for forty years in the wilderness the footwear and also garments of the Israelites unbelievely never put on out. The knowledgeables made use of to confirm this teaching are, “Thy raiment waxed not old upon thee, neither did thy foot swell these forty years”. (Deut. 8:4) Guess what else I learnt about their supplies in the wilderness? We recognize that the lamb, goats, oxen and cattle would certainly give a continuous supply of materials for the production of shoes and garments.

Did Elijah Die a Human Death?

We are informed Elijah was taken directly to heaven and never ever died a human fatality. This is really mosting likely to shock you.

Joshua’s Longest Day

Considering that I was a youngster I have been informed while Joshua was dealing with the fight at Gibeon, the sunlight stopped in the sky for an extra day without moving. Supposedly we are likewise missing out on 23 hrs and also 20 mins out of elapsed time due to it. As I researched this proported sensation, I might find no document in the Scriptures or in history …

Should Women Only Wear Dresses?

For many years I have seen many women be frightened to use dresses exclusively. Since putting on slacks of any type of type would be putting on male’s garments and not simply be a sin, however a plague according to a Holy bible verse from about 1,500 BC. Does anyone realize this was before pants were invented as well as also the guys used skirts?

Language of Angels?

I have been informed the only proof an individual has been loaded with the Holy Spirit is the evidence of them speaking in “unidentified” tongues. This is in some cases called the language of angels …

Peter’s Rooftop Vision

We are informed that Peters’ roof vision of the sheet covered with unclean animals descending from above marks the moment when God started to permit the consuming of pork, shellfish and also various other formerly banned foods. (Acts 10:10 -16) Here’s the reality: For Peter was informed, “Rise, Peter; kill and also consume” and “call not thou common”. While Peter wondered what his vision indicated, guys from Cornelius’ home came knocking on the door? (Acts10:17) Then the Spirit informed Peter to go with them for they had been sent out by Him.

Should We Still Eat Kosher Food?

I have been told that given that there is no straight command to transform eating habits given up the New Testimony, the Law of Moses is still valid as well as effectively. As a result we should still stay clear of pork, scavengers, shellfish as well as various other formerly banned foods. This might amaze you …

Shadow on a Sun Dial?

Back in the 1980’s, I listened to in a sermon that we are allegedly missing 40 mins out of elapsed time. I was informed the sun returned ten degrees on the sunlight dial of Ahaz, as an indication for Hezehiah. First off, the sunlight dial was not also designed till about six a century later. Some translations utilize words “stairs.” This would be the much more accurate …

The Kingdom – Now Or Future?

There are those who teach the kingdom of God will certainly not hold till the 2nd resulting Messiah. Their line of reasoning is: since the Jews weren’t all set for the kingdom, He had actually to get toenailed to a cross as well as the kingdom was delayed up until a future time. I made a decision to look up all the knowledgeables with words “kingdom”…

Is Sunday the New Sabbath?

We have actually been told the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday because His resurrection got on the initial day of the week. We go to church on the day of the week that He climbed from the dead. Presume what I located? There is not a verse in the Scriptures that states the Sabbath altered from Saturday to Sunday.

The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

I can not count the times I’ve been told this parable is about the wickedness of treasures and the blessing of hardship. In some cases I have actually heard this parable utilized to show we most likely to a glorious area as quickly as we pass away and the unsaved most likely to a place of penalty and torture. You will certainly be amazed at a few of the insights …

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