Envy and Jealousy – Is Green Your Favorite Color?

I presume we assume if we talk or act negatively concerning the true blessings of others, it will somehow diminish the person(s) or their blessings? Truly, this kind of actions is shameful and a straight offense of the tenth rule.

Raising Our Spiritual ‘Just Noticeable Differences’ (JND) – Awareness Will Be Ours!

In psychology terms, the Simply Noticeable Distinction (JND) is the human measure of sensory assumption that is simply able to spot stimulations in its setting. In layperson terms it’s what we identify when something captures the focus of our detects. This has an essential application to spirituality.

The Feminizing of the Western God

In guide “The God part of the Mind” the author offers a quote by Freud: “God is the exalted father, and also the hoping for the papa is the root of all faith.” Yet just recently there appears to be an approach a more womanly version of God. This short article reviews some of the possible motives for that.

God is Saying to Us All – “I Believe in You”

From the prophet Isaiah comes this inspiring message to our spirituality – the fervent love of the Lord God redeeming his individuals. Come as well as know the love of God resplendent in his belief in us!

Saying Thank You

I simply won’t stop saying “Thanks” Lord for all that you are and for making me a creature of your very own deciding on. It is due to your elegance that I was not made some drab or an inanimate object such as a stone, a stick, or perhaps a wild beast of the fields. Out of elegance and pure love, You developed me in Your own photo as well as breathed air into my nostrils so that I might have and enjoy the volume of life. For this I’ll forever thank, my Lord.

The New Life, Truly – From the Prophet Ezekiel

Ezekiel 18 is a cautioning ahead right into time with the beat of God. God is all over as well as he as well as his judgment is definitely integral in this life, in addition to in the life to come – where judgment will certainly be perfectly exact; a “science” and not just the general “art-form” it is in this life (in the visibility of the wickedness of this present final age).

Cults, Terrorism, and Religious Fundamentalism

Maybe the most considerable difference in between a cult and also a faith is the truth that in the last the veneration is directed towards God, whereas in a cult the love and devotion is directed towards itself. The leader is either God-manifest or God himself. There is no area for question or uncertainty.

Metaphysics 101 – Stair Steps to Personal Development – A Two Part Process

Spiritual growth is available in all shapes as well as sizes, all kinds of experience, voluntary or uncontrolled. Spirit is the inspiration behind all experience and also the significance of a deliberate life. Sometimes our development and also development is practically frenzied or in our face as if we are lacking time to comprehend it all. At various other times it moves so gradually that it seems to be stagnant or elusive, with long periods where nothing specifically seems to be taking place. To me spiritual growth is a two-part process and also it takes the combination of those 2 components to make spiritual advancement feasible.

What is Your Reaction to This Astonishing Incident Where a Man Born Blind Receives His Sight?

When I was weak, now I am strong. Once I was worried, currently I am vibrant. As soon as I was undependable, currently, people can rely on me. When I was blind, currently I see. Jesus is always concerned about some deeper than physical sight. Jesus is constantly concerned about something more.

Attachment and Aversion – The Root Cause of Pain and Suffering

Numerous spiritual traditions, like Buddhism, tell us discomfort and also suffering – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental – arise from accessory as well as aversions. Among the ego’s major ideas is that we are separate from everyone else. The ego lives from a zero-sum, survival-of-the-fittest viewpoint. So, to endure, our ego is driven to support an increasing number of accessories (and also hostilities) to people, locations, points, possessions, suggestions, beliefs, connections and so forth.

2012 Transition – The Elementals Need Our Help to Mitigate Natural Disasters & Potential Cataclysms!

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, serious tornados, floodings, twisters, hurricanes – we are experiencing an increasing number of natural disasters at much greater intensities. A large part of the reason this is occurring is since the elementals (nature spirits) are greatly loaded down! Lots of people are entirely not aware of elementals, what they do as well as the truth that without them, the earth would certainly be unliveable and also we would not exist below! They have actually worked heroically day after day for centuries to clean up the planet, the air as well as the water on our world.

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