Midlife Happiness and Spirituality – Is There a Link?

Religious beliefs and also spirituality is the butt of jokes however likewise the focus of much major research study. This post checks out the connection in between joy as well as spirituality from a mid life viewpoint. It looks at the benefits of regularly attending religious solutions.

Spirits Communicating – When Things Go Bump in the Night

Spirits communicate with us through audio, moving objects and scents. Those we love let us recognize they are with us in those means.

Understanding How Buddhist Meditation Can Help You Achieve Enlightenment

There are a great deal of distinctions between Buddhist reflection and also the practice of Buddhism yet they are both based upon the ideas as well as techniques of the Buddhist religion. The basis of Buddhist meditation is concentrating and discovering to regulate your mind.

Spiritually Aware – A Technique to Become Mindful and Spiritually Aware

Mindfulness is discovering and developing a perspective of recognition. When you offer your attention to whatever and also anywhere you are currently, you open on your own to receive facts and also user-friendly knowledge and wisdom from Universal awareness. You can familiarize who you actually are as well as in so doing open on your own to endless opportunities.

A Hungry Soul

Somehow we have actually lost our means. The appetite of our spirit will certainly lead us back to God.

Thoughts on Service to Others

God offers us jobs or causes or motions or work to get us started in offering others. Or, maybe we need to run a task for somebody else. These are the “solution theatres” within which we live as well as move. Yet they are not always completions in themselves. They may merely be the methods whereby much of truth solution job takes place, where we contribute in each scene on that particular phase.

The Muse of Beltane

Beltane, one of the cross quarter periods on the Celtic Wheel of the Year, is frequently referred to as the “Great Vacation.” A time of pureness, development and fertility, it is still commemorated by several around the globe as the time of change in between Wintertime to Summertime. Also commemorated on the initial of May, May Day in contemporary society is a spin-off of old Beltane.

We Know Our Judge, Here Are His Witnesses

In the spiritual globe the justice system created by God has 3 witnesses on planet. These witnesses are the spirit, the blood and the water.

The Holy Trinity, From God Or Man?

Numerous individuals today have actually adopted a belief in the Trinity doctrine. It’s referred to as The Trinity, The Holy Trinity, The Catholic Trinity, Trinity Christianity, etc. Lots of people all over the world have no hint as to what the Trinity is.

Preparing For the Great Transition – Connect to Your Agenda (Step 6)

Are you familiar with your Spirit’s schedule? Are you familiar with your function for this life iteration? If not, the Seneca practice tells us it is time to attach to your agenda, to your divine feminine, to every one of you. The Great Transition requires us to be prepared as well as attached. Are You?

My Health is My Business

Exercise in one form or another often is recommended for all of us to stay healthy and balanced. Nonetheless exercise needs to not go beyond spiritual workout.

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