A New Kind of Capitalism and the Assault on Spirituality (Part 10)

Commercialism took a hard right turn after WWII as well as came to be consumerism. When this occurred, it had extensive, unfavorable, as well as generally unexamined impacts upon ethics, principles, and spirituality. This collection of posts examines what those impacts are, and also recommends a path out of our predicament.

A New Kind of Capitalism and the Assault on Spirituality (Part 9)

Industrialism took a hard best turn after WWII as well as ended up being consumerism. When this took place, it had profound, unfavorable, as well as generally unexamined effects upon ethics, principles, and also spirituality. This collection of write-ups examines what those impacts are, as well as suggests a path out of our predicament.

God’s Door Is Open 24-7 – Have You Stopped to Think How Important You Are to God?

If you’ve never ever quit to think exactly how crucial you are to God, believe about this. We have accessibility to God, the Creator of deep space, 24-7. In service terms, let’s simply say that God is the chief executive officer of everything. We can get assistance from God 24-7.

Rebirth at Cherished Place After Death

There is no end to the hidden powers of mind. It needs to be acknowledged that mind is a powerful generator of ideas which have actually unravelled so much secret in life. There is constantly a special mindset at a long time in life. During those minutes the spiritual as well as intellectual powers are extremely active in human beings as well as that is the minute when mind as well as strong will certainly power governs the self to think as well as act in a method to satisfy the preferable.

Finding Grace – For Personal Healing and Wholeness

God has actually trimmed out for us our extremely own tailor-made outfit of grace accordant to our extremely rigorous requirements. This grace operates in a timeless framework; it fits with our pasts, our presents and our futures. However we will just ever know this elegance – and obtain its greatest possible step – if we go frankly, without fear of expense or encumbrance.

Networking, Spiritual and Worldly – Part Two

Following from Spiritual as well as Life Networking, this post takes care of the spiritual side of networking. Environment, or Gaia as she is commonly recognized, requires all the assistance and also help she can obtain. What can you do to add to helping our cherished Planet Mommy today?

Run the Race and Never Quit!

This race called LIFE can be tough, difficult – even tiring. However God’s Word encourages us to toss off every weight that keeps us from running with perseverance. We must keep our eyes on Jesus so that we can cross the Goal without expanding tired or losing heart. So placed on your best strolling footwear, take a deep breath as well as delve into the race, understanding completely well that Jesus is supporting you on and also waiting anxiously to strengthen you and commemorate your success to the finish!

Nothing But God Exists, So What Is the Ego?

Numerous are terrified to allow go of their ego. They hesitate that if they don’t have a vanity, they will certainly lose their identity.But which identity is lost when the vanity diminishes?Only the false self most of us learned to be while growing up because our authentic self had not been acceptable to society.

Heaven and Hell – Do They Exist?

In what we call life, both paradise and also hell exist. In terms of life after death, my funnelled angelic team assure me that paradise and heck are not areas in space, yet rather states of mind. For that reason, you might create them, dead or alive.

Sunday Morning Segregation

Isn’t it difficult to see exactly how we are all one, particularly when we have been shown how apart we are? The globe supports numerous kinds of splitting up. We are divided by class, race, faith, work, education etc

Fifth Chakra Balancing – Symptoms and Benefits

The fifth chakra located at the pit of the throat is the center for creative expression. It connects us to the globe with noises, songs, motions, dance, as well as words. The fifth chakra is the voice of our internal truth and also is accountable for our capacity to share ourselves and also communicate with others.

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