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5 Simple Steps to Begin Automatic Writing

Automatic writing (the ability to obtain messages from your angels with composed messages) is a skill that any individual can establish. It can be an extremely effective tool for getting clear messages from your Angels. Frequently, after an automatic writing session I review what I have composed and also state “Wow! I recognize those words did not come from me!” The messages will reflect the personality of your guides as they come through. If you are browsing for answers or guidance on a particularly difficult scenario, or just for your life as a whole – attempt automatic writing.

Do I Have a Guardian Angel? Straight Talk About Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

Q: What is a guardian angel? Do I have one.

Near Death Experiences Resulting From Attempted Suicide

Messages from close to death experiences arising from unsuccessful self-destruction efforts tell us a great deal about the impropriety behind the act. Despite the fact that the incongruity is usually felt by all, the within story of it discloses a fantastic deal much more.

Beauty Is Closer Than We Think

There is a particular excellence and peace regarding eternity, because it is unchanging and unchangeable. God is eternity. Yet so, obviously, are we. As endless time is closer than we believe, so likewise is God closer than we assume. His Spirit who indwells us is our everlasting link as well as our link with eternity. We would certainly not be that we are, or even active, if it weren’t for this sense of endless time that is wound up in our hearts as well as based in our hearts.

Zen, The Dharma and Blind Faith

Plainly you must trust something regardless of what your purpose may be however this “faith” need not be of a spiritual nature. Lots of people have an issue of reality feeling concerning the facts of life. They do not give much idea to the ultimate definition of life or existential searching.

The Best Way To Build Up Confidence For The Day Of Judgment

Can you frankly stand before God on the day of judgment? Are you terrified of being told “depart from me”, by Jesus? You need not be: there is a perfect way to develop up self-confidence for that day. The very best means is by a stroll of love.

Your True Self – Find Life Meaning and Purpose in a Vast Universe

Adjustment is a consistent in our lives. The process of change results in makeover. By declaring the power of real Self, we discover life significance and purpose.

An Atheist’s Way Of Life

This post outlines Elise’s trip from agnostic to atheist. Further it describes exactly how Elise was able to pertain to terms with not having a “god”.

Porverbs 31: An Impossible Standard To Meet

For centuries women have been grumbling regarding the requirements set for them in Sayings 31; the “virtuous woman” chapter. However, a little historical history might lose some light on that said there words initially as well as why bench was readied to impossibly high.

From Pity Party to Great Power (Again)

Uncontrolled pride quickly designs as well as constructs the kind of hot temper that we do not recognize where it originated from. The opponent of God enjoys to confuse us. Stunned in an emotional lapse of fairly monumental proportions, I leapt out of where I was quietly ‘managing’ myself. Yep, pride.

Accessing The Power To Be Like God On Earth

Why are Christians not as God in this world when the scriptures say that we are gods? Why are Christians not exercising the power to be like God on earth? The answer hinges on our walk of love. This write-up shares just how strolling in love encourages to live like Christ.

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