Real Psychics That Are Legit

A psychic reading can be an empowering experience. However, it is important to keep in mind that psychic frauds do exist. You should be careful to avoid them at all costs.

A real psychic will make specific statements that pertain to you and your situation. They will not pause after every statement to gauge your reaction or fish for information.


Psychics can be a valuable resource for people seeking a little reassurance or some direction in their lives. However, as with all industries, there are a lot of scam artists out there that prey on vulnerable people in need of guidance. Thankfully, there are plenty of legitimate psychics who have a positive reputation in the industry.

When choosing a psychic, be wary of any who ask for monetary gifts or jewellery in exchange for a reading. These are a clear sign that they are fake. A true psychic will never expect something in return for their service and will only charge for the time of the reading itself.

Psychics vary in their abilities, but many claim to be able to see the future, remove curses, or communicate with deceased loved ones. Others are less predictive and more guidance-based, helping you understand your life through a spiritual or metaphysical lens. Whether or not you believe in psychics, it is worth checking out a few of them to find the best one for you.


Real psychics are transparent with their customers and only want to give them accurate readings. They don’t ask for money, jewelry or other items, and they only charge for their time. If they claim to be able to communicate with deceased relatives or see into the future, they should have proof of their abilities.

Many psychics specialize in specific areas like tarot cards, astrology, dream interpretation, or clairvoyance. Choosing the right psychic for your reading is crucial, because some of these skills require years of training and experience to master. This is why it’s best to choose a psychic with a specialization that matches your needs.

Fake psychics may use techniques called cold readings to lure customers into their traps. They often fire off a number of general statements and wait for the customer to react to them. This is a strategy called shotgunning, and it works because people tend to remember hits better than misses.


Many real psychics have spent years honing their craft and working on building a happy client base. They may specialize in love & relationships, career, health, or other life matters. They also work on expanding their knowledge, skills, and techniques to become better and more confident in their abilities.

Authentic psychics know that the future isn’t set in stone, so they won’t guarantee that they will see exactly what’s going to happen. Instead, they’ll give guidance and help you stay open-minded.

They’ll also be able to tell you when something might occur based on tarot cards or astrological events. However, they’ll never try to exploit your vulnerability by claiming that you are cursed or preying on cultural superstitions. They’ll also avoid using scare tactics and skepticism to get your money. These people are the Sylvia Brownes of the psychic industry. They’ll use their psychic gifts to bilk vulnerable and desperate people for their own financial gain.


Authentic psychics know that their client’s emotions can be very sensitive and will do their best to make the reading as comfortable as possible. They also know that many people who visit psychics are vulnerable and want to believe that the readings they give them are accurate. Therefore, they never charge money for a reading and only ask for information that helps them provide you with guidance. This is the opposite of what most fake psychics do, which is to use shotgun tactics like giving out general statements and watching for a reaction in order to identify their clients and target them with specific messages.

Some clairvoyants claim that they can leverage astrology to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, while others may say they have the ability to connect with deceased loved ones or speak with spirit guides. However, even the most experienced and endorsed psychics will occasionally get something wrong. This is why it’s important to do your homework and research online. AskNow, for example, screens and verifies psychics to ensure they have the right experience, and they also offer five free minutes to new customers.

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