Real Psychics and Mediums

real psychics and mediums

Real psychics are people who claim to have supernatural abilities, such as clairvoyance or telepathy. These abilities are inexplicable by natural laws and often difficult to prove.

Tik Tok tarot readers and YouTube psychic videos are all over the FYP, but how do you know if a psychic is real? A fake psychic will say triggering, harmful things to create a trauma bond with their client.

How to Know if a Psychic is Real

Psychics do not have the ability to read your mind or know exactly what you are thinking. They are able to receive information from the spirits around you, but it is usually rephrased by the psychic. If you have a psychic reading and the psychic tells you specific information about your future or your life, but it does not make sense to you, this could be a sign that they are fake.

Real psychics will often have a website, blog, social media pages and/or reviews online that you can check out to see what people are saying about them. You can also ask your friends which psychics they have worked with that they have found to be real and credible.

It is also important to note that there has been a lot of academic and even governmental research on psychic phenomenon, so be open-minded and not so quick to dismiss psychics completely. Despite the fact that many psychics are frauds, there are real psychics out there that can provide valuable guidance.

Psychic Clairvoyance

The word clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” People with this ability are able to perceive things that are outside the normal range of human senses. This includes objects, people, and places. They may also see images that seem like a movie in their mind. This can help a psychic gain information about a situation or event that is taking place.

Many psychics use this to help guide their clients through difficult times. This is especially true for those dealing with mental health issues. Psychics can provide insight into the causes of these issues and offer guidance for coping with them.

Real psychics do not predict future events, but they can give you clarity and insight into your life. They will often use divination tools such as tarot cards, crystal orbs, and tea leaves to help them with this. They can also tap into your subconscious to receive information about your past, present, and future life. However, they should never attempt to communicate with spirits, which is a job reserved for mediums.

Psychic Clairaudience

Psychic clairaudience allows the psychic to hear noises and messages from the spirit world. Those who are clairaudient can receive guidance from the other dimensions, such as answering questions related to life advice and receiving reassuring messages about loved ones who have passed on.

The voices and sounds experienced by clairaudients are rarely harsh or tormenting (unlike the voices that people with schizophrenia or certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies often hear), and the messages are calm, clear, and lucid. They can be like someone talking inside your head, or they can sound eerily familiar.

Many online psychic services have clairaudients, including AskNow, Kasamba, and RealPsychics. These psychics can provide a phone or chat reading, and they have a wide variety of specialties. Some offer free introductory minutes, and their rates range from $3.99 to $13 per minute. Some also have a recurring subscription option that provides additional minutes for the same price. These options make it easier to connect with a psychic clairaudience who fits your needs.

Psychic Clairsentience

A clairsentient can feel the energy of others around them. They are great listeners and like to blend into the background in social situations. They also tend to pick up on the emotions of those they read and are able to relay information back to you based on this sense. They are a bit like the empaths of the psychic world and must learn to shield their energy in order to not absorb toxic emotions or unwelcome energies from other people.

Psychic clairsentience is often used in conjunction with more structured practices such as astrology. It can help to bring a deeper level of connection and understanding to a reading. It is helpful for answering the why questions, as opposed to the when or how of a situation. The ability to feel is useful in navigating the more challenging aspects of mediumship and telepathy. It can help the medium to connect more deeply with those on the other side and bridge the gap that is sometimes left behind during a session.

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