Psychic Mediums

psychic mediums

Psychic mediums are people who channel spirits from the other side. Their skills include clairvoyance, telepathy and intuitive ability. They also have a special ability to see auras. They may also be able to feel energy and hear people who have died.

Psychic mediums on Kasamba are trained to work with a wide variety of issues. Some specialize in dream interpretation or tarot card readings, while others offer psychic readings via instant online chat.


Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see things that are not immediately apparent to the physical senses. It can be used by a medium to communicate with spirits, including loved ones and guardian angels who have passed on. It can also be used to help people heal from the loss of a loved one.

Some research on clairvoyance has shown that it can be effective in foreseeing events, although this evidence is limited. For example, a controlled experiment in which the ‘sender’ telepathically transmitted a visual image to a ‘receiver’ deprived of sensation showed a 32 percent accuracy rate, which exceeded chance.

Clairvoyance is related to the visual senses, and those who are clairvoyant often have a love of art and other creative hobbies. They are also often able to feel what other people are feeling, but can use their clairvoyance to separate this from their own emotions. This is different from empathic abilities, which can be overwhelming and may cause anxiety or confusion if not managed properly.


Telepathy allows a psychic to send and receive thoughts from someone at a distance. In addition, it can be used to scan a person’s energy and gather information about them. Psychics use telepathy to communicate with their clients and gain knowledge about their past, present and future.

However, telepathy can also be a dangerous power. If a person is not careful, they can color their communication with their own fears, insecurities and anger. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to practice in a safe environment and with a trusted friend.

In fiction, telepathy is often seen as one of the most perverted powers because it can be used to invade others’ privacy and read their minds. This is why telepaths are always persecuted and regulated in paranormal settings.

Intuitive ability

Intuitive mediums use their intuition to receive guidance for their clients. This can be in the form of voices in their head or feeling a person’s emotions. They may also use tools such as tarot cards, runes, crystals, pendulums, ouija boards, automatic writing, or painting.

Psychics often experience intuitive phenomena like synesthesia, in which they associate people with certain colors, flowers, landscapes, or musical notes. They can also sense things that are going to happen before they actually do, like knowing who’s at their door before they hear them knock.

This intuitive ability can be developed through various forms of spiritual practice or as a result of a life change or trauma. Jackson says that psychics and sensitives can develop their intuition by declaring it openly and consciously, as well as learning to still their mind. Intuitive people are natural peace-makers and tend to be highly empathetic to others. They also have a strong connection to the spiritual world and are attracted to different practices and beliefs.

Spirit communication

Psychic mediums use their psychic or intuitive abilities to connect with the spirits of departed loved ones. They may see (“clairvoyant”) or feel (“clairsentient”) the spirits around them, and they often report hearing voices in their head. Clairaudience is similar to auditory hallucinations that can occur in people with certain mental health disorders.

During a reading, it is common for multiple spirits to come through to communicate with the medium. These spirits can be friends of your deceased loved ones, relatives, or even pets. They can also be entities from other worlds. It is important to be open to communication with everyone who wants to speak.

Psychic mediums can give you information about the afterlife and different realms of existence. They can also provide insight into specific events that have occurred in your life. If you are interested in getting a psychic medium reading, Keen has several different options for you to try. New customers can get three minutes of a psychic medium reading for free, and they are eligible for a special discount if they sign up for a plan.

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