The Spirituality and Logistics of Life Changing Events

It is stated that fire symbolizes change. Water signifies cleansing. Wind symbolizes clearing.

Men in Ministry, Get Out of the Boat

Obtaining out of the boat is obedience. Offering the Lord is mosting likely to be uncomfortable. Obedience is unpleasant when it disrupts our schedule. Really it is not obedience unless it is disruptive. Obedience is required to be instantaneous as well as complete. Obedience brings great result and also excellent true blessings!

What Is Consciousness? Insight Into the Mind of God

Consciousness is the very foundation of deep space, and existed before the Big Bang. Here we look into what Consciousness is and also why it is as vital as life itself. On the way we go to the Mind of God.

Finding Your Own Spiritual Aura

Just how can you discover your own spiritual aura? Learn step-by-step assisted reflections that aid you experience your deeper spiritual measurement. Find out to go beyond the limitations of this worldly globe, and also discover your own spiritual essence.

What Can One Individual Do to Help When There Is a New Famine or Disaster or a Dire Need?

With many severe emergencies and catastrophes taking place all around us at rather regular intervals what can we do and what are we to do? In Kenya, there have been various emergency situations over these couple of years, which is besides the on-going terrible lives of males and females as well as kids in the slums. Having been in these shanty towns on my last 5 visits to Mombasa, Nairobi as well as Kisumu, it has actually been testing to attempt and also take in the substantial nature of what these dead ones deal with all the time. There is no reprieve.

Submitting to the Call

It staggers me exactly how God will certainly contact us at a time in our lives when we really feel that we are not prepared. However are we truly ever before ready when our number has been drawn by God? He may not call all of us to the office of a prophet, yet God has called all of us to fulfill a certain purpose for our lives.

What Is It Like to Be a Guardian of a Human Size Crystal Skull? Part II

We continue with the tale of “Rosalita”, a two item human size rose quartz head made by a master carver in China. What it requires to take this crystal head from location to location as well as keep “her” risk-free. A few of the outstanding experiences we have had with this head given that she initially concerned us in October of 2011.

The Christ Consciousness

You might have heard words ‘The Christ Awareness’. It sounds spiritual, does not it? Below’s what it suggests in a simple-to-understand method.

Embracing the Feminine In All

Wonder what shifting into fifth measurement implies, as well as exactly how we shift with the fourth measurement before arriving? Accepting the feminine in all to integrate the feminine as well as manly elements in ourselves, while withstanding concern and confusion is a favorable beginning. We’ve been polarized for also long, as well as it is time to become complete.

The Science Behind the Mystery

Science as well as Spirituality are no more on opposite sides of the combat zone. Actually, the research of these disparate fields is currently each helping the various other. The possibilities with the brand-new explorations in the quantum world are enhancing the opportunities for the meaning of life and beyond.

Freemason Beliefs: What Do Masons Believe?

The Freemasons, veiled in privacy, shrouded in enigma yet what do they actually believe? Is Freemasonry a Faith? Do the Masons rely on God? Or is it absolutely nothing greater than a “system of morality, veiled in allegory”? This are a few of the concerns thought about in this short article.

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