Slogging Down the Spiritual Path – A Personal Journal (Part 1)

In this series of write-ups on the Pathwork, which is my selected spiritual path (word play here meant), I share my experiences in using this terrific knowledge to my day to day life. First, short background – the Pathwork is based upon a collection of lectures.

Recognizing the Hand of God in Your Life

Often it is challenging to acknowledge the hand of God in our lives. Maybe you’re like me. My times with the Lord are taped in really random means as well as scattered around our home.

The Mystical Gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling

Among the points I have most appreciated as well as gained from during my spiritual development is unfolding my spiritual gifts; my “psychic abilities.” I never ever actually thought about myself as being psychic or as having the capability to end up being psychic.

Finding Your Swing by Overcoming the Past

When I consider the challenge of getting rid of the past, I am advised of the film, The Tale of Bagger Vance. The primary character, Rannulph Junuh had an illustrious golf profession shortened by his enlistment in WWI.

How Do I Obtain Christ Consciousness? – Achieve a Higher Consciousness

Exactly how do I get Christ awareness doubting beginnings with a strong wish to get to that greater state where in your growth as an individual is attained. It is a fantastic possibility that was conceived to supply a way for you to make call with the higher being as well as development with your present life.

What To Avoid If You Are Looking For a Vital Relationship With Jesus

Is Jesus just a think system for you, or do you have a vital and also living relationship with him? Many individuals find out about him and also research him, however they are missing an individual and also living connection with him.

Spiritual Evolution & Growth – Kicking One’s Own Butt

There is typically a fantastic complication regarding the distinction in between Spiritual and also Psychic Advancement. While the ego frequently obtains juice from the specialness of having psychic powers, thinking that those symptoms of spiritual awakening is the awakening itself is a mistake. Spiritual advancement is growing up as well as becoming a totally balanced and established person.

Statio – The Pause That Refreshes

The busyness as well as concerns of our day can have a dampening effect on our connection with reality and also the connections with God that we established in our very early morning prayer session. We began our day sensation right with ourselves, however the world of humanity that we interact with throughout the day may begin to use against this.

The Great Controversy – Is There a Controversy at All?

We are obviously selling physical truth with a non-real set up– a virtual world in control by this meant god. You do not have to adhere to the manuscript! But in order to do that you need to recognize what type of partnership you have with this god.

Psalm 130 – The LORD – “Feared” For His Powers of Forgiveness

Why on earth would certainly we be afraid God for forgiving us? It’s a great inquiry. Maybe it’s simplest asking just how we’ve really felt whenever we have actually been forgiven by a person (if that’s occurred to you). Visualizing this now, in the first person …

Faith and Works

There are several various suggestions and also doctrines concerning faith and works. The reality is that God examines our confidence by what we do for his cause. The work needed is just what we do out of love for him due to all he has done for us. Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins. He brings us abundant life. He provides us the peace that is beyond understanding. He guaranteed that he will function whatever out forever if we like and also obey him.

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