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Angels In Religion

Angels are guards, carriers, therapists as well as destroyers. They figure most prominently worldwide’s three major monotheistic religious beliefs: Christianity, Judaism and also Islam, though angels have been a part of many if not most religions throughout history. The old Greeks relied on hidden spirits referred to as daemons that usually supervised mortals. The god Hermes was most similar to the modern analysis of angels because he was messenger to the gods, led travelers on dangerous trips and also even had wings, albeit on his ankle joints.

The Courage, Inspiration and Truth of Love

Love is the power to be injured as well as not turn down the person who hurt you. It takes nerve and faith, as well as is very inspirational as well as remarkable. If you desire to taste true life and real flexibility of spirit, try loving back when you don’t need to. There is genuine power in it!

Karma – Blessing Not Burden – Part I

Is “Karma” really a spiritual “debt” that must be settled, or is the reality a lot, a lot more stylish and also releasing? Could it be that we’ve misconstrued the Ancient Teachers which Karma should be checked out as a Blessing in our lives as well as a Guide to our genuine Possible?

Are Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming Safe For Everyone?

A clear basic intro to the safety of Astral Projection as well as Lucid Dreaming. Plus a few of the lesser known realities connecting to these sensations.

The Importance of Humility

The apostle Paul, in his letter to the Philippians, covers the significance of humbleness amongst the brethren of the church. I would submit to you that a little humbleness would certainly go a long method in aiding every element of your life.

What Are Astral Projections And Etheric Projections?

A clear standard intro and also meaning of the different projection experiences. Plus a few of the lesser known realities connecting to all-natural projection sensations.

Beyond Thinking – The Power of Wonder

Wondering is a wonderfully powerful tool. It is a device far above trusting, or applying brute intellectual exercise to a trouble to find up with a response or service. In my experience, considering often works together with the creative imagination in manner ins which the totally intellectual pursuit can not.

What Is The Nature And Function Of Sleep And Dreams?

A clear standard introduction as well as definition of the rest and also dream experiences. Plus several of the lesser known facts associating to natural dreaming phenomena.

The Art of Giving

Have you ever before wondered why cash appears to run from you, or why your true love has not appeared? This may all have to do with your capacity to offer. There is a Global art to considering that is powerful. Why not learn just how providing will assist you obtain what you have expected?

The Importance of Peace of Mind in Your Life

Peace shows up, when the relentless inner chatter of the mind reduces down. When it appears, anxiety, stress and anxiety, concerns, anxiety, mental and also emotional uneasyness, anxiousness as well as impatience vanish.

Is Culture A Curse?

Few of us ever before examine our heritage. We cling to it as the ground of our being. It offers us our identity and we will certainly protect our culture to the death. However suppose it held true that our cultural identity has its going to the expense of who we actually were?

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