Online Tarot Reading

online tarot reading

Online tarot reading is one of the most convenient ways to get a psychic reading. Many sites offer a variety of readers and have reasonable rates.

On Oranum, you can find tarot specialists from all over the world. You can also save your favorite tarot reader as a “favorite.” Moreover, Oranum allows you to pay for your readings using a credit card.


AskNow is a popular psychic website that offers an array of services like tarot card reading, clairvoyant readings and dream interpretation. Their psychics are vetted to ensure they have real gifts and years of experience. Their psychics are available for reading by telephone and online chat. They offer a wide variety of readings, including love and relationships, money and career advice. They also have a satisfaction guarantee.

New customers can sign up for 20 or 30-minute packages that cost $1 per minute, and they get 5 free Master minutes, which are worth about $70. These minutes can be used with a Master Advisor, who are the highest skilled readers at AskNow and charge $12 to $14 per minute or more.

AskNow has a large pool of psychics that specialize in many areas and use different tools to provide their readings. Their search filter allows you to find the perfect psychic for your needs, and their profiles are easy to read and contain all the important information you need to know about a particular reader.

April Moon

April’s pink Moon is a symbol of renewal and the rebirth of nature after winter’s dormancy. It is also a full moon in Libra, an air sign that symbolizes commitment, partnerships, and togetherness. It is sometimes called the Pink Moon because it rises in the evening as a glowing pink crescent above the bright star Spica in Virgo the Maiden.

This lunar cycle, we can expect Taurus to be prodded out of their luxuriating and to focus on their money matters; Scorpio may experience communication breakthroughs, while Gemini could discover new hobbies or interests. This is also a good time for Virgo to focus on career and work-life balance.

Readings at Oranum are conducted through real-time video from psychic advisers who can help with everything from love and relationships to professional dilemmas. You can choose a psychic by looking at their profile and area of expertise, viewing their testimonials, or by evaluating their clairvoyance via live broadcast before purchasing a reading.

Golden Thread Tarot

The app’s name refers to the tarot deck that it uses, and it offers two interesting features: lessons and digital readings. Its lessons are designed with tarot beginners in mind, and they’re clear and straightforward. The app also lets users log readings and see their progress over time, which is a great way to build up your knowledge of the cards.

While it might seem counterintuitive, Emily says that tarot can be helpful for high-powered professionals with busy lives, such as lawyers, who need to recharge their emotional energy. Tarot can help them reclaim their sense of self and purpose by giving them the tools to navigate life’s obstacles.

Another useful tarot app is Galaxy Tarot, which approaches mysticism with wellness and clarity in mind. It offers a random daily card to guide your intentions and over 20 tarot spreads. This app is available on both Android and iOS. Its lessons are a little more in-depth than Golden Thread’s, and it has a gamified approach to learning that feels like Duolingo mixed with Hogwarts.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are 78 individual images that, when read correctly, tell an intricate story about your life and the world around you. The card meanings are based on superstition, fate and divination. When a tarot reader deals the cards out into a specific pattern, called a spread, they can construct a narrative that gives you a deeper understanding of your question or intention.

A tarot reading can be done in person or remotely over text messages or the telephone. You can also give yourself a tarot reading by shuffling the cards and asking yourself a question.

When you are beginning to read tarot cards, it is a good idea to keep a booklet handy for the card meanings. Over time, however, you will develop your own interpretation of the cards, and rely less on the booklet for an explanation. Experiment with different spreads to find out which ones work best for you. Also, remember that tarot is about energy, not just the cards.

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