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The Easter Tradition

If there is a day when the sunlight dances in the skies for pleasure, that day needs to be Easter! There is an old folk belief that this is exactly what takes place at dawn on Easter Sunday.

Age of Aquarius – Spiritual Quantum Physics Levels of Consciousness

There are several levels of awareness on the earth. Spiritual Quantum Physics says let go of the false ideas of the Age of Pisces. It is time.

The Journey

As we travel the range between our conception and our final earthly location, we gather travel points. These travel factors are made by everybody on their private trip.

Who Does Your Strength Come From?

A Christian can hold up against or do anything at all with God’s power behind you. His stamina empowers, gives increase, and also allows you to do whatever it is He has called you to do.

2012 Prophecies – Are Humans Becoming Like God?

David Wilcock, in his video clip 2012 Event Perspective: Revelations as well as Science of a Golden era, states that with the introduction of the info that has been held secret from the masses for hundreds of years comes the capacity for humans ending up being like gods. A variety of 2012 revelations indicate humans having the prospective to come to be gods. Yet exactly what is implied by this that really makes sense?

Intoxicating Scent of the Moment – Unconditional Pregnant Potential

The moment upon you is the only moment there is. Absolutely nothing beyond or hereafter second of disclosing exists. You are in the minute! You are one with the moment. You are, actually, the essence of the moment

Combustible Relationships – Playing Field of Olympians

It’s all a matter of bringing the very best of who we are to every table we rest down at. I am not mentioning a molly-coddling exchange of merits, or extremely overstated precisions, or pathetic reasons of pandowdies, I am speaking about being authentically real for the minutes we live!

Scanning the Files of Gratitude – Denied Access

Divine gratefulness allows us to “live, relocate, take a breath and have our being.” So just how could it be feasible to ‘give thanks to’ another individual for something he/she is unable of offering?

Solve Problems From a Spiritual Perspective

From one factor of sight, life has to do with dealing with one trouble after one more. In the Vedic text Srimad Bhagavatam, Prahalada Maharaja boldly states that the product options to issues frequently produce worse issues than the original problem we tried to fix. Historically, this is a profound reality with quadrillions of examples, however I will provide a couple of.

God Wants You to Prosper!

It is God’s will that his people succeed. He considers poverty a curse since he headed out of his method to aid the bad the many.

The Four Spiritual Types of Perception

Have you ever had similar thoughts about individuals in your environment? No one ever before showed me that there are four standard personality kinds which they are based upon internal (spiritual) perception.

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