The Hearts That God Loves

Throughout the Bible we see the examples of people who lived loving God. They had their problems simply as we do, but were able to please God because they had the appropriate attitude or heart. Here are a few examples of features God is searching for today in our hearts.

Time of Your Life

Currently, we are living in the 21st century, simply over 2000 years considering that the birth of Christ. Nevertheless, according to Indian bibles, time comes on cycles of kalpas, whereby a kalpa is one day of Brahma, who is the imaginative growth of the Almighty. Every day of Brahma consists of a thousand cycles of 4 yugas or ages: these are, Satya yuga lasting for 1,728,000 years, Treta yuga for 1,296,000 years, Dvapara yuga for 864,000 years as well as the Kali yuga for 432,000 years.

A Joy Filled Life

The majority of people, consisting of Christians, believe they can have some joy every now and then and also the rest of the time should be loaded with the sorrow and the cares of this life; yet God, our incredible Daddy, does not assume this way as well as neither does He desire us to think this way. Why? Because our belief in what the Lord is to us, has for us, carries out in and also via us, truly every facet of our Christian belief has actually to be focused around the significant spiritual force of pleasure.

Oprah, Steven, John – And You and Me

“For what shall it profit a guy, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his very own soul?” (Bible; Mark 8:36) Oprah has been the talk of the town throughout January, 2009, particularly the truth that she has put on weight and also now evaluates 200 pounds. She just recently showed up in a television interview where she courageously expressed her anger at herself for her weight problems.

Remembering the Covenant

This week is an amazing week for my spouse and me. On Wednesday we will certainly celebrate our 20th wedding event anniversary. Annually on our wedding anniversary we go away by ourselves to review our journey, desire for the future, as well as advise ourselves of the agreement made on January 7, 1989.

New Season

What’s the REASON for the period? Is it to make me sad that another year has passed. Is it to look back at my failed past.

Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks!

It is a curious thing just how a person can discover something, live it and also then drop away from it. I have been just recently advised by the Lord of a standard spiritual regulation that I when knew well, lived it as well as also instructed it, yet had in some way mainly dropped away from it. Our words have power; what we claim is exceptionally vital. What comes out of our mouths is an indicator of what is in our hearts.

G-Harmony – Just Who, or What, Are You Looking For?

Suppose God filled in a dating service questionnaire? Do you know what He’s trying to find? Would you agree to have a relationship with Him on these terms?

The Secret to Christian Success

Christian success is pleasing God with your life. The life you live is the only point entering into endless time with you. Why don’t all Christians comprehend this?

Sin-Controlled Or Son-Controlled?

Are you truly submitting to the Lord in your life or is your concentrate on actions as well as sin? One brings about liberty … the other to greater chains.

Inner Peace, Inner Healing

So, the concern each of us might ask our self is “Does peace exist in an area that can be found worldwide?” Is Peace set upon the viewpoints of those who hold globe power? When we observe nature, it is so much easier to see that Peace, true Tranquility, unconditional Tranquility streams through life – in, above, underneath, and as production.

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