2008 Summer Olympics

I watched part of the closing ceremony last night for the 2008 Summer Olympics that took place in Beijing. I was totally blown away by the charm as well as grace of what I beheld. That imagery was enveloped momentarily for me that I will certainly hold on to permanently.

The Meaning of Life – Why Are We Here

If we are here, we are below for a factor, absolutely nothing takes place without a reason, though it is not constantly required to recognize the hows and also whys. Could it be that we are here simply to live?

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Right?

Is there any type of such thing as complete satisfaction ensured when it pertains to our wants and requires? I believe the solution to the inquiry is yes despite the fact that I have days when I think it’s the outright farthest point from feasible. What I am discovering is that no issue what I think, that is precisely what I obtain. Simply put, whether I believe I can or I can not, regardless I am right.

What Price, Freedom?

Is flexibility worth defending? Are we really complimentary if we need to fight something or a person? I such as asking inquiries, and also I desire you to think of, and also imagine with me, a life devoid of any factor to bear arms, or fists, or hideous words. That, my good friend, is the freedom I am speaking around.

And the Truth Will Set You Free

Why do we often stay clear of the reality? What is it that causes us to take any course besides full honesty? Ok, so allow’s be painfully, honestly directly with each various other: Why do we exist?

Was That Love’s Intent?

I like to drive. I have a few of my most innovative minutes while killing time behind the guiding wheel. Today, I made a journey to Tuscaloosa to deliver some points to my son that is mosting likely to college there. It has actually been unseasonably awesome for August as well as when you live in Alabama, that information puts a little springtime in your step. So, I spent a lot of my alone time on this journey thinking of just how glad I am as well as exactly how I desire the “church” had not been so split.

The Spirit of Synchronicity

My partner and also I simply returned from New york city. We love to take a trip and also we also have several possibilities to travel with our job. This was a company journey that created me to miss out on 2 days of posting and, at the very same time, gave me motivation to live out my blog site. I enjoy the means things can come to be integrated for us when we sincerely choose the excellent in this fantastic life we reach live.

Hurricane Gustav

Equally as we are ending up the clean-up as well as drying from the recent go to of Exotic Storm Fay, here comes her large, negative cousin Gustav. There seems to be no loss of stormy task lately, both naturally as well as supernaturally. The last referral is my subject for today. It will be quite easy to gauge the damage left in Gustav’s wake, but the utter disorder that a lot of sanctimonious pastors are inflicting on the lives of so many of my buddies of late is past description. In fact, the overall damages for some of my close friends might never ever be totally understood.

The First Nine Insights Revisited

The first Nine Insights are our awakening to our transformative direction and also resulting Goal. They assist us with the interpretation of the respective developing steps we must require to complete our Journey.

How to Inscribe & Anoint Your Ritual Candles

This post will certainly clarify exactly how to correctly inscribe you candles as well as just how to anoint them. Etching as well as anointing your candles can increase the effectiveness of your rituals and also spells.

Heartstreaming For Personal And Planetary Change

Heartstreaming is a modification in understanding that takes us from the field of psychological task to the endless area of heart-originating inspiration. Petition and also reflection can be heartstreaming. Heartstreaming is a transformational event that can occur in many different means for different sorts of trainees taken part in various spiritual practices. Find out extra.

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