Sacred Geometry – Designs of Creation and the Symbols of Wholeness

Sacred geometry symbols originate from the patterns of nature, spirit, and various magical concepts. Behind all sacred geometric icons is the expertise that enables us to take full control over our lives, taking us out of chaos, fear as well as disgust which affect many of us. According to old wisdom, all is one! In reality, there is just a “Oneness” or a terrific wholeness at the foundation of all production and also this “Unity” can be highlighted by the symbols of spiritual geometry.

Tiger Woods Wrestles!

You heard it right! Tiger Woods is currently Wrestling! That’s right the # 1 Golfer as well as possibly # 1 Athlete on the planet is Wrestling. No, he really did not quit Golf. However …

Prayer and the Power to Heal

Whenever we feel dispirited by factors beyond your control after that it is the prayer that will typically involve your rescue. Prayer is one powerful tool that can give you psychological stability along with it can assist you get over the awful thoughts. The petition that you state has to exist in all honesty or else the benefits can not be derived.

Ebenezer – The Stone of Help and Beyond to Thankfulness

Ebenezers do not need to be stones a lot. They’re anything that advises us of the loyalty of God in our tumults.

How to Know When All is Well

we start to focus on, and give energy to the abundance of the universe, we begin to see the gentler side of life. Our activities reflect the calmness of smooth sides and loosened knots. We make higher change in our corner of the world by living out of love than we do by residing in concern as well as strife. Circumstances end up being much easier, and also there is much less chaos. We come to be open to the creative energy within us.

How to Hear God’s Voice – God is Speaking All the Time and You Can Learn How to Hear His Voice

God is constantly talking to you as well as also if you don’t believe you have ever before listened to God’s voice you can discover how to hear Him talk with you. As soon as you start to hear God you can start to live out of His knowledge instead of your own as well as prevent several challenges.

Hints For Sadhana – Your Spiritual Self Culture

Sadhana is the term made use of in Yoga exercise for our individual spiritual program of self technique that is totally exclusive. It stands for all that we perform in self culture to transform our personality to come to be an expression of our principles and also perfects. However, there are some basic tips that may complete the spaces for those who desire better spiritual development. It can be handy to consider a fresh mental perspective that can modify an adverse into a favorable scenario, when you feel you’re not gaining ground.

My New Year Letter to God

On this day I make a guarantee to you that all that you have actually instructed me throughout the victories and also difficulties of everyday that you have awarded me in my life, I will certainly instruct those lessons to others as well as throughout those lessons I will certainly be grateful for the essential things …

Joy to the World!

Xmas is really a season to commemorate the joy that we have. Everyone can recognize delight as they locate it in the great things that God has actually offered to all people so freely, however the Christian knows an increased joy. This delight is rooted in the bond that exists with other followers whom we have actually concerned like.

I Was Taken to See Jesus

What a remarkable experience! It is something I will certainly never forget.

Giving Thanks Brings Health and Happiness

There are many individuals who whine on almost everything around them and also on virtually anything that occurs to them. When they see the dark clouds they see trouble, health issues, flooding as well as poverty. When they see the sunlight, they see el nino, skin cancer cells, etc. When something takes place in the household, in their work or business, they conveniently have someone to criticize.

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