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God Is A Real Person

God is not wind or air or fire or planet. God is a person- a real person. God is not a pressure or collective consciousness.

Fountain of Righteousness

The key of integrity is putting God in the core of our lives. It is created in the Scriptures, “Love the Lord your God with all heart, mind, spirit, and also toughness.” God is the fountain of righteousness. To grow our partnership with God we must love others as much as we enjoy ourselves. Life is all concerning doing great actions for on your own or for somebody you care.

Do You Want to Escape Deception? Be Doers of the Word!

Yet be ye doers of words, and also not hearers just, tricking your very own selves – James 1:22 A simple command from James 1:22 returns a fantastic reward: Doers of words will certainly escape deception. In my very own mind, that is HUGE because there is a great deal of deceptiveness in the Body of Christ today.

Gratitude: Your Most Valuable Ally

The writer discusses the power of gratitude in your life as well as just how to enhance its power an influence on your joy. Practicing appreciation is very easy and also she reveals you exactly how it benefits her.

The Power of Humility As a Weapon in Spiritual Warfare

HUMILITY is a weapon. When you bow your knee to the God, peace takes over.

The 7 Archangels – Archangel Michael

The first of 7 articles on the 7 Archangels. The write-up provides tips on exactly how to deal with the Angels and also even more information about them. This short article information Archangel Michael, Angel of Protection.

Learn to Trust Again

When a close friend betrays us, when a company partner short adjustments us, when a fan is unfaithful, it ruined our capacity to trust. Later on also if we pretend whatever is alright, our view of the scenario is shadowed with the deposit of the past. What’s worse, lugging this psychic residue can stop us from attracting healthy new connections-whether in friendship, organization or romance. So how can we learn to rely on once more?

What’s It Like to Be Awakened?

This short article will look at some aspects of life as an awakened person. There are additionally a pair of valuable pieces of advice for how to get over some limiting ideas.

If I Hold the Key, Why Isn’t the Door Unlocking?

Lots of times, we really feel that we should be able to unlock any kind of door in our lives due to the fact that we hold the secret. The problem is that you have to utilize the trick, not simply rest there and hold it. Are you prepared to use your secret? Sometimes that isn’t enough. Occasionally there are reasons the door doesn’t unlock.

Who Do You Think Is Behind All The Suffering That Is Being Experienced In Our World In These Days?

This word can be blessing and also improving some lives, and also infuriating as well as exasperating others. This vision is terrific. When endless time drops upon men, and also mankind as a whole, as well as Jesus Christ comes and guides are opened up. People believe every little thing is mosting likely to go on for ever before, but it isn’t! It does not! Try speaking to some individuals regarding the real Jesus as well as see exactly how they react. Where you obtain a living church you get persecution. Mistrust and also apostasy seem enhancing. There have always been wicked churchmen, but today we have actually churchmen refuting the fundamental fundamentals of the faith. This is why we are taken control of by what we prayer, due to the fact that what we praise regulates us.

Life Lessons That Scrabble Taught Me

A few of life’s greatest lessons are exposed to us in the games we play. Do we jam the problem piece right into where we want it to fit? Do we remove all the stickers off of the Rubik’s Cube for a new beginning? Do we move the game items when no person is looking? Games are fun, they soothe stress as well as they occasionally even slip lessons in that we can use throughout our lives.

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