Lifetimes of the Ascended Masters – The Prophet Samuel

The ascended master St. Germain was when embodied as the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament. A study of the earlier life times of the ascended masters can provide us ideas to the top qualities that they developed in order to make their ascension. Find out more.

The Religion of Love – What Religion Are You?

“You will certainly be called The Slaves of the Servants of God. As well as your religious beliefs shall be the everlasting faith at the heart of all religious beliefs. For what the Prophets, Saints, and Sadhus talk, is absolutely nothing new. That all were Servants – the Beloved Lovers of God, before the world was made.”

Beltane – The Witch’s May Day

Beltane (AKA May Day) is among the most vital of the witch’s sabbats, 2nd only to Samhain (Halloween!) in both status and also merrymaking. But exactly how should we commemorate it in modern times and what should it suggest to us?

God is Our Shelter From the Storm

A tornado hit our family members on Saturday, January 10, 2009. I was awakened that morning by a telephone call I will certainly always remember. It was my papa calling me to tell me the devastating information he had just gotten.

Trade Your Mope For Hope

I can’t even visualize where I would certainly be if it weren’t for God’s poise as well as grace. Like the majority of us, before I identified the charm and the bounty in God’s will certainly and also timing, I commonly located myself seeming like my mental anguish and suffering would certainly never ever end. I felt like I was destined to remain in misery – as a result of training course, I had actually done some horrible points in my life, so I was persuaded I deserved it.

Catholic Saints – Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony was born late in the 12th century in Lisbon, Portugal right into an affluent worthy household. Legend declares that the bells of the churches sounded of their independency at his death. St. Anthony is hired as the tutelary saint of shed points, missing out on persons, vacationers and stolen write-ups. Find out more.

Stop Complaining

Many times I have actually reviewed the youngsters of Israel as they roamed in the wilderness moaning and also grumbling to Moses and also Aaron. Each time I have read concerning that I was both impressed, perplexed as well as often downright annoyed that God did not just zap them appropriate then as well as there and also be done with them.

Short Lesson in Understanding – Part 2

To be in the moment is an almost intolerable, a Sisyphean task, but it is a job that produces its own benefits. Flowing means being an inseparable part of the planetary power that borders us. This power is that of unconditional, limitless LOVE. This energy recedes and also streams with each unified act of providing as well as accepting. In this manner, points are accomplished as if by themselves choice. They happen at the correct time and in properly. They form within the very best feasible conditions that can perhaps exist in any type of provided minute.

Sixth Step on the Walk to Faith – Prayer

If you have been adhering to the actions very closely, you will now prepare to pray.Be humble, respectful and as selfish as you like: God wants you to have what you want, but just if it benefits you.

God’s Awesome Power

The research study of God’s word. What I have discovered until now.

Retraining Your Thinking Vs Silencing the False Self

Romans 12:2 says to be changed by the restoring of our minds. Exactly how does one do that? By learning to retrain the thinking, as some state? Or by finding out to silence the voice of the incorrect self by sitting silently in God’s presence and also letting do it for us? Be still and know that I am God – Ps. 46:10.

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