How to Find the Best Real Psychics

Psychic readings can help you make decisions that will affect your future. However, you need to be careful about which psychic websites you choose. Some sites don’t screen their psychics properly, while others do. AskNow, for example, rigorously tests and screens its psychics.

Keen has more than 300 psychics to choose from, and you can search by type, price, rating, and availability. It also offers a 3-minute free trial and discounted bundles of 10 minutes for $1.99.


Kasamba is a highly regarded psychic network that has been around since 1999. They offer a wide variety of psychic services, including clairvoyants, dream analysis experts, and astrologers. Their top-rated advisors have tens of thousands of reviews and decades of experience. They also have a best match guarantee and three free chat minutes for new customers.

Psychic Readings

Kasamba’s psychics work by phone and online chat, so you can choose the method of communication that works for you. They can answer questions about love and relationships, career, finances, or anything else. Some Kasamba psychics use their own natural abilities, while others rely on tools like tarot cards and astrology.

Many of the psychics specialize in a particular area, so you can find an advisor who can help you with your specific needs. For example, there are hundreds of astrologers and other professional psychics on the site who can give you guidance on your life path.

Purple Garden

Purple Garden, part of the Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics networks, is a relatively new online psychic reading service that was launched in 2015. This platform allows you to connect with advisors via phone or video chat. It also offers a variety of other services, including oracle guidance, angel insights, and dream analysis.

Purple Garden has a wide selection of psychics with various abilities, such as clairvoyant readers who can see detailed visions and incorporate other tools into their readings. In addition to tarot and oracle readings, they offer relationships and career predictions, palm readings, astrology and horoscopes, and angel insights.

Each Purple Garden psychic has a full profile that displays their 5-star rating, a video introduction, and client reviews. They also display their pricing for different types of readings on their websites and mobile apps. If you’re not satisfied with a reading, you can request a refund within three days. Purple Garden will refund your money in the form of reading credit or cash.


Mysticsense is a network of carefully vetted psychics who offer their services by SMS, telephone, video call or webcam. They also have a generous free 5 minute introductory reading and a satisfaction guarantee. Customers can choose the style of reading they want, such as compassionate or direct. They can also select a psychic who has decades of experience and a specific area of expertise, such as dream interpretation or tarot. Additionally, the website features psychics who can communicate with loved ones who have passed away.

The site has a rigorous selection process for its psychics and requires them to submit a scan of their identification to verify their identity. They then undergo an interview and demonstrate their abilities with a test reading. This ensures that the best psychics are on Mysticsense. They also have strict confidentiality policies and follow legal security procedures to safeguard your privacy. Moreover, they only share your information with the psychic you have chosen.

California Psychics

California Psychics is a psychic website that has 25 years of experience, a rigorous screening process, and dedicated customer support. The site offers a variety of psychics, including empaths, clairvoyants, dream analysts, and channeling readers. Some of its psychics are even featured in the customer favorites list based on their excellent ratings and reviews.

The site also has a number of astrology-based psychics, who can provide insight into your personality and life events through the study of your birth chart. Some psychics can even read your aura, which is the energy field that surrounds your body.

Some psychics can also offer career advice. They can help you make decisions that will benefit your career, such as what type of job you should pursue or how to improve your work performance. They can even provide financial guidance by giving you investment tips. They can even give you a reading that will reveal your future path. These readings can be done over the phone or through email.

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