A Time of Confidence, Clarity, and Convergence? Or a Depressing Downhill Slide Into Oblivion

Transforming 50 was not my most favorite birthday. Even the extravagant surprise party my household threw did not conserve me from my downturn. Raising pains and discomforts, uncommon instability, and also a heightened feeling of regret controlled my reasoning. Fret was at a perpetuity high. Wish for the future? Power? What was that?

Angels Guide Your Footsteps Along Your Path

You have the selection to see, really feel, act as well as connect in different ways not only with others around you yet likewise with on your own. If you proceed to do to the identical point, have the very same ideas, the exact same psychological response to what is currently taking place in your life really little bit will change. Begin where you are, picking to transform or change something, one habits, one thought or one emotion.

Jesus’ Two Natures Explained

Defines the why as well as features of Jesus’ two-fold nature. It’s the gospel of a new humanity.

Adam and Eve – Antichrist Connection – Why Did Satan Declare War on All Mankind?

What was it that created Satan to declare war upon Adam’s race; as well as why is it vital that you recognize his approach to mislead mankind regarding their real origin, objective as well as fate? Find out why ignorance is not your close friend

Adam and Eve – Failure to Discern the Anti-Christ Spirit Set a Pattern for Deception

Drugs, sex and also rock ‘n roll was the concept of the 60’s where youths turned down the worths of their parents for the liberty to be at peace via a marijuana joint as well as cost-free sex. It seemed so innocent in some way, yet that wave has caught the kids of an additional centuries.

Stoop, Young Man

When Benjamin Franklin rapped his directly a low beam of light, a renowned preacher told him to stoop as he went via life to avoid many difficult smacks. Check out exactly how the guidance to bow our heads, and be modest, can conserve us from a great deal of tough knocks.

How to Thrive and Embrace Change in These Turbulent Times

In the area of five days here in Virginia, we experienced a considerable sized quake, a severe electric tornado as well as a cyclone! All of these events are rare in Virginia, so to have all three in the room of a week was pretty stunning.

Ascended Masters – St Germain and Violet Flame Alchemy

Violet Flame Alchemy is the mix, an one-of-a-kind combination of both physical world which of the World of Spirit makeover. St Germain of the Violet Flame helps all that look for to be advised of their own Divinity. The Violet Flame snuffs out various impurity, shedding away collected unfavorable powers.

How Can I Achieve Happiness? How the Natural State Is the Key to Pure Happiness

As we go via life, occasionally we have beautiful experiences. They are so terrific that we are loaded with a wish to keep them for as lengthy as possible. Yet why we can not hang onto them and why they go away is due to the fact that we can just remember them psychological.

Poetic Pair: Two Poems Celebrating God and Life

A poetic pair commemorating God and also life. The first poem celebrates the flexibility of following our one-of-a-kind functions; the second rhyme commemorates the joy of recognizing God in stillness and also silence.

How To Live With Desires: Identifying With the True Self Instead of Letting Desires Control Us

When we desire something, we first have to work for it. Commonly we find ourselves spending a large quantity of mental power considering it, yearning for it and also wanting it to occur. But after working for it, we need to release and also simply be.

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