Sylphs – Nature Spirits of the Earth

Sylphs, together with other nature spirits, are guardians of the earth. Sylphs are particularly associated with clearing the air of contamination and also other chemical dangers. Find out more.

Gnomes – Nature Spirits of the Earth

Gnomes, the nature spirits related to the planet aspect, have actually been included in tales all over the world for hundreds of years. Real nature of gnomes is that of guardians of the earth. Find out more.

Pathways Can Be So Bright

I saw this vision while taking a trip as a passenger to a nearby town. Rain whipping upon the windows, taking me back to my youth past.

The Magic of Man-If-He-Station (Manifestation) – Learn to See What You Say!

What you consider, is what you act on, what you act on, is what takes place in your life! It is necessary to monitor your adverse ideas as well as words, because of the representations that go after or what individuals may such as to call Karma; “the reflection of one’s self”.

Ubuntu – The Power of Universal Connection

In this post, Clive Wilson discover the African principle of Ubuntu as it realtes to the connectness between all people as well as in between them and also the natural globe. He recommends we need to require time as well as stillness to connect as well as to bring presence into all we do. This is a recipe for a happy and satisfying life.

Searching For God? Activate Your Dream State

The experience of God is usually hard won. Focus as well as need will trigger the problems for spiritual growth that will certainly allow you to fulfill your goals. A simple area to start your search remains in your dreams, a place where your censors are down and also revelation can quicker touch the heart of you. Here’s how my desire for God stired up a significant dream for me.

Be Aware, Learn, and Grow – The Value of Still Hunting

If you believe that the purpose of our earthly experience is for us to discover so we can grow as a private and also progress as a varieties, you are probably believe that there are lessons throughout us. I am one of these people. I was instructed to “still hunt” and this expertise has confirmed important to me as a student of life.

Agnostic Till One Day Bam! God, The Devil, and Surfing

My daddy was agnostic. He increased me basically that way. When I was 16 my sight changed.

Our Energetic Vibrations and Choosing Conscious Awareness

Being mindful is something we feel we are when we are going through our day. If we are not conscious, then we have to be sleeping, or instead unconscious. While it might appear as if we are awake, when we are going through the routines of preparing for the day, driving from side to side, and doing whatever it is that we require or need to do that day, I can assure you that you are not consciously conscious of everything which is happening.

How to Achieve Big Breakthroughs in Your Life – Part II

I have all along resembled a hero – I want my work to be fast like lightning, and firm as determined. Likewise shall I pass away also. Consequently kindly do my work for me – no doubt of success or loss gets in here in all. I have never pulled back in a battle – shall I now? There is success as well as failure in every job.

Secular Humanist Principles

Just how should we conduct our life as secular humanist? A checklist of concepts are offered here which summarize my thoughts regarding secular humanism.

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