Spirituality and Drugs – Do They Mix?

On May 17, 2011 Dr. Joseph Mercola’s e-mail e-newsletter included an article on Rock Star Stevie Nicks’ usage of both unlawful and also prescription medications. Despite The Fact That Stevie Nicks used controlled substances such as drug as well as heroin in her past (as well as has detoxed from those medications at facilities such as the Betty Ford Center), she was estimated stating that her detoxification from prescription anti-depressants and depressants “made Betty Ford resemble a cakewalk.”

The Beauty of the Soul

In Rumi’s poem “Oh Heart”, he discusses just how we stress way too much – which holds true, we do. We pay far way too much focus to points that simply do not matter. If we permitted all those worthless points to just drop by the wayside, and also only focused on the really essential facets of living, we ‘d be a lot more calm, a lot more serene.

A Perspective On The Higher Self

The greater self is one aspect of the individuated awareness one identifies as Self. It is a level of awareness that knows its multi-dimensional beingness as well as the transformative spiral towards Ascension. It recognizes life in its real perspective, which IS multi-dimensional, as well as has the ability to blend with the many elements of Self it recognizes exists within the time/space continuum as well as beyond.

Walking Towards Your Healing

Every person in this globe has their own assumption concerning healing. Do we really understand where healing originates from? Do we recognize the source of which all healing takes place? It is God. He makes stipulations for us to be recovered and to be made whole. Will we walk in the direction of our healing that is waiting on us? Find out in my write-up on just how to progress in this procedure.

I Live In Heaven

When my eyes are mentally open, I see that I reside in heaven. It took a really lengthy time for this awareness to find to me, yet it is so real. I DO live in heaven. Gratefulness for whatever is what unlocks to this vision of paradise.

Is God Trying to Guide You or Is the Challenge You’re Facing Just Part of Life?

How can you inform if God is assisting you to something else or if what you are undergoing is just component of the battle of being on the planet? I believe that God guides us through our desires and also he directs us or relocates us via frustration. Believe about it, if we were pleased with just how points are going and we are satisfied with the way points are, would certainly we be open or prepared to transform?

Maintaining Passion for Christ

Keep in mind when you initially met Jesus as rescuer and also lord? Exactly how did you feel? What involved your interest? What was it about this connection that fascinated and interested you? We need to keep in mind to make sure that we can appreciate the distinction between then and also now.

Life Coaching and Psychic Reading

There are simply instances in life wherein an individual locates himself embeded a limbo, unable to progress because of the challenges that challenge him presently. At such times where confusion is simply unavoidable, you would naturally wish to obtain aid.

Power of the Mighty Tongue!

Just pick up a moment and think exactly how it felt when someone last praised you. It most likely made your day! After that quit and believe how it really felt when someone slammed you, called you a name or claimed something false. All of us know exactly how difficult it is to tremble a spoken (or created) strike. We are currently residing in the age of technology. We can currently be “hurt” with an untamed tongue by means of the key-board. As opposed to a spoken “lashing”, we obtain the “fire” that burns. Find out more if you recognize what I’m discussing and discover what you can do!

Perspectives on Death

Two point of views will be talked about here: 1) When a godly individual passes away, it may be since God is protecting them from wickedness to come. 2) If you have not died yet and also may be questioning why, God might be wanting you to finish something initially.

Temptation’s Tale – Lessons From The First Temptation

Summing it up, we all experience cravings in different elements of our lives. Psychological cravings, understanding hunger, spiritual cravings, physical hunger, material hunger and so on. These by themselves are not incorrect. It is the means we satisfy them that makes the difference. We should realise that God placed the hunger there and he will offer the suitable contentment, albeit in his own time.

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