Is Jesus the Son of God?

Is Jesus the Kid of God? Really? A common concern that I listen to a minimum of as soon as every week is this. Lots of Muslims believe that Christians hold to the teaching that God in some way had natural, intimate relations with Mary, and also that she therefore conceived with Jesus. For this factor, they emphatically proclaim that Jesus is not the son of God …

Tennis With Dad (Proverbs 23:7)

We promoted higher than an hour as well as played for less than twenty minutes. He restated a factor that he revealed 2 weeks prior, that my blunders do not define me. He explained that as long as I keep looking at them thinking that they do, they will.

The Cornerstone of the Islamic View of God

The Islamic view of God has a whole lot alike with the Christian view of God. I have actually found that in interacting Allah’s Gospel to Arab Muslims I constantly maintain the basics of the Islamic sight of God in the forefront of my mind. I do this not out of fear of annoying Muslims, yet due to the fact that I understand that much of this Islamic view of God is central to the Christian view of God too.

Two Common Names and Attributes of Allah

I have actually examined the names and also attributes of Allah extensively. My goal is to utilize them in inter-faith dialogue with Muslims, which I involve in frequently. These names of God rapidly develop commonalities between Muslims as well as Christians and can make Muslim evangelism simpler. 2 typical names and attributes of Allah that are ripe with the truths of the Scriptures are Al-Qadir, which mentions Allah’s omnipotence; as well as Al-Hayy, which mentions His timeless nature.

A Muslim Name for God That Is Only for Believers?

Exists a Muslim name for God that’s just reserved for true believers? This name for God is very similar to Al-Rahman, however some would educate that the advantages of this name apply only to Muslims. Allow us see whether this is real. As we study this Muslim name for God as well as the names of God found in the Scriptures we can find commonalities as well as the truth.

The Second Muslim Name for God

The 2nd Muslim name for God is as essential as the 99th; nonetheless, a quick research of the name uncovers a fascinating link to a Biblical name of God One very renowned Muslim name for God is Al-Rahman. This is one name of God utilized in the Muslim Shihada (confession of confidence)…

Forbidden Knowledge and Esoteric Secrets: Part I

Secret cultures have actually withheld their much deeper secrets for hundreds of years, as well as today numerous of them continue to withhold them from the general public. Why is this? What are they afraid of? What are they concealing? And also what keys do they hide?

The Higher Service

Task is a job that you need to accomplish; it is a requirement of the situation and also something which many individuals can do. For instance, if you are a baker you should concern service time, full your work and act sensibly to consumers and co-workers. These are several of the basic duties of a baker.

The Power of God’s Voice

This short article will certainly review some Hebrew words that begin with the letter Dalet. It will also touch the topic of just how the Hebrew Alphabet comes to be a spiritual trip of every human’s life.

Prophecy: 2012 and 2013 and Beyond

Words of this prophecy is based upon portions of analyses of some desires as well as visions that we generally saw over the last three years. This prediction contains no speculation or doctrine and whatever stated in this prediction was seen in a vision(s) or a desire(s). Review it.

Knowing What’s Inside the Heart of God

This write-up speaks about the value of being interested of what God talks from His heart. It would additionally open up some people’s minds as to what are the right points to do when it comes to going to the church.

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