The Spoken Words of Spirit

Have you ever before questioned what mantras and also favorable affirmations can do for you? Perhaps our purposes ought to go in the direction of the making of positive affirmations. Although this topic has been raised in the past, we find that many people do not remain devoted to duplicating them for any kind of length of time.

Elegua – God of the Crossroads

Elegua is the orisha who opens and shuts all courses to the human race. He is the divider of heaven as well as earth. He takes a trip in between paradise and earth allowing Olofi and Olodumare understand what takes place in this realm.

Ochun – Goddess of Love

Oshun is the orisha of love and joy. She is the one that makes the spirit complete of life and love. Oshun likewise understood as Ochun, Iyalorde, and Oxum is also understood for her assistant in maternal alongside with her sibling Yemaya.

The Healing of Haiti and the Nations

On January 12, 2010 the world typically experienced at the beginning of a new year yet an additional natural and also devastating calamity, as thousands on the island of Haiti where hit with a huge quake measuring on the Richter scale a 7.0. Since today, the destruction of the island still depends on a stack of ruins, and also a huge grave currently holds the bodies of the dead.

Shango – King of Lightning

Chango is among the most spoken about as well as most favorable orisha of Santeria. Chango also referred to as Shango, Sango, Alufina, Xango in Brazil, was a great warrior. He is the orisha of the rumbling and thunderbolt. He is the thunderbolt that drops from the sky upon the land.

Even When You Have the Opportunity to Throw in the Towel, Don’t Do it, This is Why!

Day-to-day I choose to either walk into the important things God has for me, or do what I want to do, and also follow my flesh. What determining element makes me make a decision to walk into the important things of God? With all the disturbances around me, my decision has to be for Christ. See why in this write-up.

Overcoming Anxiety and Negative Emotions by Casting Your Cares and Worries on God?

I genuinely believe that anxiety is the result of internalized concern. Fear can take many types such as stress and anxiety, fear, guilt, remorse, jealousy, as well as even rage. Typically we are afraid a loss or undesirable situation.

Deception and the Beauty Within

Just recently I came across an interesting forum discussion where I determined to obtain involved. It really did not take long before someone confronted me with some common unsupported claims of “a lovely globe” which we should refute the “ugliness that so frequently tempts us, and attracts us far from God.” It was stated that I should have some severe demons within me that I need to handle, and also that I must seek peace to recover myself, something that is “so certainly needed.” Some remarks regarding Tolle’s pain-body followed.

From Keter to Malkhut – And Back Again (Part 1)

On our journey from Keter to Malkhut, and adhering to the same path made use of by the magnificent Angel Lucifer, the Early Morning Star, the Bringer of Light, we get here at our location in a lightning flash. We falter not in our descent, as well as while it is NOT an autumn as described by some, it is a consultation, and also we do have our duties. We each have our very own order, but each contributes to this strategy of bringing light to what would otherwise be formless as well as empty.

The Chakras – Understanding and Balancing the Major 16 Chakras

The chakra system is an energetic information storage space system, really like a computer system, which many healers feel or see. It is the spiritual interface between the physique, through the worried system, our spirit body & the holographic internet. The nerve system is our physical user interface, communicating with all elements of the physical, giving details to & obtaining from, the chakras.

Frequencies and the 5 Senses – Part 3 – Conclusion

Below I assert that everything we understand of, and whatever we experience is based upon the presence of waves, and waveforms still exist that the majority of have not yet become conscious of. I also offer that all waveforms (frequencies) carry details info or information with them, equally as an FM radio wave lugs your favorite song with it, and that assumed itself is a waveform. If all frequency (or light) is information, after that all info is also light.

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