Not Looking Back

Many times in our lives we locate ourselves clinging to points of this earth. It might be a person or persons. It might be to wealth or fame. Whatever it may be, it matters what it is that we hold on to.

Faith is Blind

Why would certainly Jesus not commit Himself to those that proclaimed belief in who He was? It is because He recognizes all guys. He did not feel in one’s bones who they were, yet He knew their heart.

The Reincarnation of James Huston

I can not begin to count the number of times over the years I have actually heard tales about young people with apparently psychological injuries (including innate worries as well as reoccuring problems) that to students of the Edgar Cayce products would seem reincarnation-based. However, practically without exception, these youths are merely treated with drugs and psychotherapy in an effort to stop “the problem.”

Safety – Who Wants It?

I have discovered that those who’re most thinking about their physical safety are also those most likely to take an interest in their spiritual security. I ask yourself, genuinely, whether there is a correlation. And the repercussions for both are possibly tragic.

The World of Silence

This is a story of a family members that battled in their belief having a hearing impaired child. However despite of all of it, they stick to their confidence recognizing that God has the power to supply them from an attempting situation. With a company idea that He will provide. God transformed their lives into a remarkable journey of discovery of His wonderful love and utilized them to a mission in solution to a world of silence.

The Way of Deliverance

Have you ever seemed like your life could be the next episode of the Maury Povich reveal? Or possibly the next phase on the Dr. Phil reveal? Maybe also the title of the following future daytime soap – “From Dramatization to Dramatization?”

The Modern Spiritual Tea Ceremony

There are a number of tea events from societies around the globe that are well-known– Japanese, Chinese, and British among others. You may not assume yours is extremely spiritual. But it can be, not due to the tradition always, however as a result of the tea included in it.

Seek Ye Wisdom Before Riches

“Look for except riches but for wisdom, as well as behold, the enigmas of God will be unfolded unto you, and after that shall you be enriched.” This is the way my mind understands this. Generally, if you want to come to be the best YOU, implying, if you desire to proceed as for you potentially can in this life, seek ye wisdom. Knowledge has even more value than treasures. Riches are a bi-product of it, and also in my viewpoint, a terrific method to obtain more knowledge. Cash is just utilized as a tool to have even more experiences … experiences of serving, offering, helping, building, expanding. Life is all regarding the experience of it. It’s not about just how much stuff you can accumulate or having a residence larger than the following person.

Buddha Dharma – The Parami of Generosity, the First of the Buddhist Paramita

Kindness is a two-way process: both giving and getting. How can any individual offer without there being an ‘various other’ to offer to? In some cases the getting may call for even more generosity than the providing! An instance of this might be when someone is passionately describing, in terrific detail, a pastime that you have little interest in however you exert to produce that interest and pay attention to their enthusiasm with an open, friendly mind state that supports the connection moving in between you. It is essential to establish this open, caring top quality of kindness in order for reflection to flourish. As meditation is a method to explore the mind and also the nature of phenomena, it is required to be conscientious, responsive and also completely present.

Can You Have Hope Without Faith?

Can You Have Hope Without Confidence? Like an arrowhead, your confidence indicate the target of hope. If you do not have belief, that arrow will certainly lose its momentum and also just go down to the ground before reaching the target, and will certainly not complete its goal.

Who is Like You, O Lord?

That is like God? The maker of the heavens as well as the planet, the spiritual as well as the material, and also of all life, is sovereign over all points. He is developer in past, present and future tenses. If we could not place our complete confidence in him, what or that could we place our self-confidence in?

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