Cancer “Truth And Clarity” April 11-18, 2022 Weekly Tarot Reading

Opening the Door of the Temple of Knowledge

I have actually long been bothered by the issues brought on by Adam’s eating of the apple from the tree of understanding. But, currently I comprehend that this is the story of our concerning this space/time continuum.

Is There Too Much Noise in Your Life?

Daily life can throw us some curveballs, can not it? Maybe there’s just way too much going on in your life now.

The Kingdom is Within and Under Your Control

Don’t you assume that this is why Christ didn’t answer Pontius Pilate when he asked Jesus if He was the King of the Jews. The Kingdom is Within.

You Contain an Inner Force and Can Learn to Use It

We are residing in a shared dream and equally as a dream can be transformed with lucid dreaming, once we become observant that this is no more solid than a dream then we can start to consciously show adjustment. We originate from Resource Power and also carry attributes of the One mind and also the One self.

What Does My Future Hold?

Are you seeking powerful, divine advice regarding your future? Discover what may be holding you back from living the most joyous, plentiful, harmonious path!

Akashic Records – A Sacred Tool to Heal Your Soul

Have you been longing to learn just how to attach with your Akashic Document? Learn just how to begin this sacred journey of healing, divine support as well as powerful co-creation for on your own!

Physical Symptoms to Watch For on Your Ascension Journey

Welcome to your ascension trip! As we energetically get ready for our trip through the New Planet paradigm shift, much of us are experiencing a great deal of adjustments in all locations of our lives, and also specifically in our physical bodies. We are leaving old methods of being behind by purging old patterns, programs, connections, impressions, as well as so on to include a more informed expansion of awareness and also alignment with the divine mind. In doing so, it only appears sensible that our power fields, and also in particular, our physiques are attempting a re-organization to eliminate that which no longer offers us and also include that which remains in our highest good and also healing.

The Desire For Freedom

We are all Gods and Goddesses who sometime in our lives made a decision to count on lack and also constraint. There is much, far more to be skilled than is typically thought. Everything begin with allowing go. As well as you deserve it.

The Importance of the Quality of Your Character – How to Achieve Balance

Spiritual development counts, in my point of view after years of self job and research together with meeting several exceptional and also unremarkable people, on the cultivation of your morals, character and also personality. A solid personality with right criteria and precepts is the very first prerequisite action a regular person must take towards spiritual development to acquire bliss and equilibrium.

Recommitting Yourself

Every now and then, when we get on a spiritual path, subconscious question can appear in our daily lives. It shows up when our day is loaded much less with useful life-purpose-oriented activities, and more when it is loaded with habitual, pointless activities or negligence. When it is noticed that life just isn’t as complete and also lively as it as soon as was, what is to be done?

What Are Your Reason to Live?

Often times in one’s trip called LIFE, we obtain tired of waking up, going to work, talking to people we like. What’s occurring inside us? We appear baffled and also vindictive for apparently no factor … Why does it occur?

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