What Manner of Christian Are You?

Natural/carnal man despises accountability. He typically discovers mistake with others in order to make his very own transgression acceptable or excusable. I understand these things to be the truth. You may claim that I am a professional in the location of carnal Christianity. For the initial 18 years of my so called “Christian” life, I was” a self made guy that worshiped his creator.”

From Human Beings to Beings of Light

The development of the Human Being in the direction of Beings of Light (Enlightenment). In June of 2000, I was shown “the light,” as numerous others today are experiencing in swiftly raising numbers. I saw other measurements, called the fourth, 5th, 6th as well as 7th dimensional worlds for the very first time. I was not aware of where or what is was at the time. I can only define it as an area without anxiety, an area of unconditional love, an area of pure energy or Spirit.

What of the Spirit?

We bring our spirit from one body to the next; it is with us for endless time, as in infinite. Our awareness is our spirit, even in the state of being unconscious, when we actually understand absolutely nothing, at least that we have the ability to keep in mind.

Hearing God’s Voice – The Still Small Voice

Listening to God’s voice seems so challenging – but is it truly? Could it be that we’re just not paying attention closely enough?

Discerning Spiritual Truth

Most of us in some cases dream we had THE answer, that we recognized THE fact. Regrettably, Reality is not a black and white concept. Just how can we know what is truly Real?

A Soul-Felt Message – Learning to Trust

Discover to rely on once more. Discover 5 simple methods to trust fund making use of the benefit of the uncertainty.

A Bridge to Somewhere

Plainly, the days of profligate investing are over. Yet that does not mean we won’t spend in all in the next few months and also years. It’s simply that we will certainly invest even more intelligently now. Much like our government is spending in infrastructure as a way to relocate our economy forward, we must be planning to invest in our very own spiritual infrastructure.

Past Life Regression – How to Make Yours a Success

Our previous lives can affect our lives in several ways. One factor we might intend to experience past life regression is for the advantages of discovering things that have happened in the past. There are sometimes previous issues that can have deep long-term results on our present life. By working out the troubles making use of past life regression, the changes can be a tremendous help.

Notes From the Couch – A Writer’s Mind

My favored yoga teacher just recently led the course through a visualization workout during Shavasana. He invited us to picture ourselves lying deep on the sea floor and staring upwards towards the surface. “Notice the glowing surface far up over as you stay silent and also still, anchored against the ocean floor”, he specified in a voice so comforting it made me want to cry. “Now imagine that the surface area of the sea is your thoughts, and you are observing them from this brand-new perspective, separated yet still familiar with their existence.”

Features of a Real Profound Spiritual Revival – And This is So Greatly Needed Today

Effective sentence of sin adheres to. Many ordinary level on the ground in an agony of conviction. Some individuals dropped in a lot and also sobbed out pitifully and also loudly for mercy.

God is Love – Who Am I?

In our initiatives to comprehend God and also ourselves we deal with old suggestions that might not serve us. Is it feasible that we are much more like God than we assume?

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