Aquarian Gospel – One Jesus, Many Christs

The brand-new motion picture based upon guide the Aquarian Scripture, is going to ruffle a whole lot of feathers in mainstream Christianity. The film examines the ‘absent years’ of Jesus’ life.

Salt of the Earth

“You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is no much longer good for anything, yet is tossed out and run over under foot.” I have no difficulty with the truth that Christians should be living lives that reflect and also predict the loving Light of Christ’s teachings. What troubles me concerning the salt verse is the indicated hazard that goes counter to the God I have actually come to understand as thoughtful and merciful: if you lose your taste, you will be tossed out as well as trampled under foot.

Mass Effects of Feelings and Emotions on the Physical Landscape

Your individual ideas, sensations and also emotions develop the occasionally excellent and also sometimes adverse physical results that surround your personal life, be it your successes or a lack of creature conveniences, a poisoned, undesirable ambience, illness, hardship, absence of personal connections and in some cases other detrimental issues inflicted upon your own body and also your experience. You can not divide your ideas, feelings as well as feelings from the physical proofs integral in your individual life. All realities originate from mental origins.

The Science of Meditation

Our feelings as well as thoughts should be harnessed – they run amok in the untrained mind while we run about in disorder and the unpredictability of life itself. We consistently face brand-new fights in an arena that we only yearn for a degree of control.

Let’s Really Talk

National politics as well as religion are those two areas that pundits constantly try to maintain from their public discussions as evidence of their knowledge. They are the uncomfortable subjects that often tend to perhaps offend and reveal the distinctions that polarize our society. The reality is that our lives are figured out by our political and spiritual sights.

A Mission – Or Purpose

We call ourselves advanced. We have the best technology understood to the human race in our shortsighted sight of background. We have modern medication that shows off having actually extended our lifetimes by decades without supplying any type of proofs. It is claimed by researchers that chemistry has actually improved our quality of life while pumping human beings, animals as well as the earth filled with medicines, toxins, hormones and also chemicals. We call ourselves informed while we invade various other countries, eliminating, impairing, debilitating, and sickening both soldiers and regional populations with battle, chemicals, radiation as well as hatred.

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?

“Why does not God address my prayers?” Exactly how usually have we asked that concern? “Practically way too many to count,” we reprimand ourselves. We look for reasons why we aren’t heard by God.

Singing Songs on the Character of God is Spiritual Medicine and Meditation

If you desire the quality and spiritual recovery in your mind, understand and also accept the entirety of God. Sing spiritual tracks on any type of beloved character of your God. To sing your feelings to your beloved God develops substantial internal vibration which is wonderful medicine and spiritual reflection. Whatever your sex, language, whatever call you call God to see God and also faith of what you count on God, he comprehends via your feelings to sing the tune.

Jesus Cares About and Addresses Your Needs

Does Jesus really see my needs? Does Jesus care regarding you? Can Jesus look after your issues?

Is Your Spirituality Keeping You From Creating the Life You Want?

Commonly people involve me looking for brand-new methods to manifest their desires, whether it is better wellness, more success or higher gratification in their everyday lives. I discover that they normally have actually a well established spiritual life which is lavish abundant and rewarding, but an individual life which significantly looks like a desert.

The Divine Feminine Way – Awakening to the Beneficial Wholeness of Whole Brain Thinking

For countless years we have looked out to the paradises or inside ourselves to contemplate God’s nature. In the procedure of seeking right into a substantial emptiness we have forgotten the sacred power of the present moment which is artistically taking place through us and in the globe around us. It is time for us all to relocate past culture’s left brain emphasis on a disembodied and also transcendent God, an emphasis which has actually divided apart spirit as well as matter (mom). It is time to bring God back the fullness of all that exists.

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