Prayer – It’s Not All Talk

Have you ever been in a connection where every little thing was all about the other person? The moment you spend with this individual is everything about their wants and needs. The focus is on their children, their job, on as well as on.

We Are Just a Name

If everything is simply sensory deception as well as illusion, what is behind the shroud of Maya? What’s behind the illusions? Behind the impression is God, and also the person that we knew all this while, is just a name. The person with which we know is just a device to experience life.

Unselfishness Versus Self-Negation

Are we Pure Divine Love, able to like and offer others selflessly at will, or do we need to grow our capacity to be unselfish? Can we grow love as we expand flowers in a garden? What is the link in between God, love, as well as the mind?

Heaven’s Mystical Archangel Haniel

Some time ago I was asked to do angel analyses in a pagan based metaphysical store. I loved the proprietors of the shop as well as I eagerly anticipated being in the area and bringing in the angel power.

What to Expect in the Year of the Tiger – 2010

2010 is the year of the Yang Metal Tiger. Predictions are made by examining the initial day of the Chinese New Year and it serves as the dominating theme of the year. By looking at the four columns graph of Feb 14th, 2010, the Year Column, Steel is combating with the Tiger which is mostly timber with fire as well as earth.

Guidelines For Living – Breaking the Bondage of Your Old Nature

Have you ever before been torn between what you know is appropriate and also what you truly wish to do? Also the Apostle Paul experienced the dispute …

New Age Spirituality – 7 Steps Towards Spiritual Growth and Awareness

Humans, as physical beings with a ‘spiritual element’, whether acknowledged or not, frequently locate ourselves drawn towards the unidentified, exceptional, strange, unusual or to a power more than ourselves. Can we ever strike a balance between the material as well as spiritual facets of our lives or are we predestined to join an endless pull of war between the body and the soul?

Wash the Mind Through Meditation

Consciousness acts in the spirit with the eternal spiritual inner knowledge that are unrelated to any kind of form and language spoken worldwide. Minds in mind additionally shows subtle idea forms of academic expertise and language.

How You Can Change the World – Exit the Information Highway

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed the Apple I in 1976, conventional wisdom was that computers could not be marketed. Today encoding as well as distributing analog and electronic information happens globally at hypersonic rate. In the age of Information traditional knowledge has actually come to be the default setting.

Why Choosing a Label May Be One of the Most Important Things You Ever Do

There is a parable from Brazil concerning an old male that owns an useful equine. Individuals tell him to market it however he declines because he considers the horse a good friend. When the equine is taken the people inform him just how unlucky he is, but the old male informs them to not judge the situation permanently or negative, yet only to recognize the horse is gone. Shortly afterwards the steed is returned and also the people tell the old man he is really lucky. He informs them once again to not judge whether it is good or negative, however just to recognize the horse is back.

The Meaning of Symbols in Tibetan Buddhist Jewelry

An outline of the usual icons utilized in Tibetan jewelry. Likewise a background of Himalayan precious jewelry, as well as the significances of the icons utilized in precious jewelry from Tibet as well as Nepal.

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