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God & Prayers

Does God hear my petitions? Does God listen to my prayers? Why doesn’t God address my prayers if God is listening to me?

In This Battle, Arising in ‘the West’, We Are Going to Need All That Jesus Christ Supplies!

Do not avert from Almighty God. Do not avert from Jesus Christ and also His Word as we have that holy Word in the Holy bible. Jesus Christ enjoys you greater than you might become aware and the increased as well as living Lord Jesus Christ wants to utilize you in methods which maybe you have actually never thought about, just as God took that shepherd and farmer, Amos. Jesus chooses and calls. Jesus selects so that we may comply with. Amos is strong and bold and also strong. We will require to recognize something of that in these coming weeks as well as months as the situation in the west weakens. We have been infiltrated as well as gotten into and occupied. Are you familiar with that physically as well as mentally?

Unhappy Because You’re Not Happy?

I recently offered a reading to client where this declaration turned up. As well as it took place to me that this scenario is more typical than people realize. So what do I indicate by “Are you dissatisfied since you’re not delighted?” It’s remarkably basic and fundamental.

Not A Hypocrite

Complaints of hypocrisy amongst Christians is quite typical. Jesus provided some of His strongest words against hypocrites. It is a significant subject. The topic is also very frequently misinterpreted and misused. In this item, I bring some needed information for those that are trying to consistently comply with Jesus as well as those who have actually been considering that trip.

When a Prophetic Wake Up Call Is Desperately Needed, Silence Is Not Golden!

Exist times when particular things actually bother you, especially when they are spiritual as well as moral and ethical challenges? This can occur when individuals ready of management and also obligation understand they have not been acting as they ought to serve. Jesus called a tax collector called Matthew and also Matthew was a guy that was gathering tax obligations for Rome – the Roman inhabitants of the land of Israel. Imagine if Islam took over this country and also someone Scottish was selected to gather tax obligations for the Sharia Judiciaries. That could divide you and cut you off from others. Matthew was in that situation. When Amos preached there was an unpleasant presence. When Jesus Christ talked to particular people there was likewise an uncomfortable presence. This was a phone call to ‘wake up’ and also several recognize that we require to listen to a similar call today. Get up. Do you actually see what is happening in ‘the west’?

The Astrology of the Druids – Understanding the Celtic Zodiac

Despite what modern mystical authors have claimed we recognize comparatively little about what the Druids in fact thought, practiced or showed. What we understand of the Celtic Zodiac can best be considered a development of a 20th Century poet.

Universal Call to Mission

Every follower in Christ is called to an objective. The phone call of Jesus is always a double phone call. A phone call to ‘be’ with Him as well as a phone call to ‘head out’ as well as share the ‘Excellent News’.

The Choices We Make, in Every Area of Life, Are More Important Than We Think at the Time!

Yes, it is a big important choice on Thursday, yet not as large, neither as vital, as this. We have flexibility to choose, however we do not have the flexibility to select the repercussions of our selections. The selections we make are even more essential than we believe at the time when we make these selections. Just how many have made bad options when it concerned marriage? Some have discovered that they remain in a job they just can not bear. That need to be a horrendous predicament in which to discover oneself. Make certain you look for to make wise selections. Ask Almighty God for aid and direction. Ask the climbed as well as living Jesus to direct you as well as lead you. He will.

Please Check Your Baggage at the Door

Oh Love is grand, isn’t it? Up till the shine starts to fade a little when the Oxytocin lessens in the brain. “Oxytocin evokes sensations of contentment, reductions in anxiousness, and sensations of peace and also safety and security around the mate …”

Living Your Life God’s Way – Respect for His House, Volunteering and Service

Are you a new Christian? Have you been one for a while and also are battling with your Christian stroll? Do you want to live the type of life that God desires you to live? Do you want to live your life in a way that is pleasing to God? Do you wish to be understood by Jesus? This post and also those to adhere to will certainly explore methods to live “Your Life God’s Method”.

The Relevancy of the Prophetic Word of God, Then and Today, As It Flows From the Book of Amos

Amos is a most surprisingly strong as well as brave prophet. A lot of prophets are strong as well as daring. They need to be. Assume of guys like Paul as well as Peter who served Jesus Christ so loyally therefore consistently. Our God will deal with all this. Numerous people today do not think that God will handle transgression and wrongs, yet there is forgiveness as well as mercy provided through Jesus Christ, when we repent and also confess as well as concern Him. His prophetic treatments are attended manage genuine and accurate scenarios, and particular places, as well as specific times. Checking out Amos aids us to see our very own scenario, and also our present setup, as God sees it. God spells it out via Amos, “This is what the Lord states”.

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