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Not for Presents, But for Presence

For the lengthiest time I believe I was looking for God since I believed if I corresponded in my seeking after that He would award me. Yet today I read Matthew 6:33 and it struck me that I no longer do this. I really feel as if I have actually returned to a child-like love for Him.

Looking Back to a Past Life

There is just one way one can do odds and ends is through the memory of reincarnation. In my situation I was a guy, second best and also most likely without much to leave. As my ‘being’ (call it spirit) drifted above the body there were some noticeable points.

Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Lots of have the experience of hearing their name called when there is no person else around. You can be on a desert island and also hear it or strolling along the road, in the garden, or perhaps in bed. Unexpectedly as well as without factor something calls out your name as well as you are quickly stopped in your tracks.

God’s Number One ‘Will’ for Your Life and Mine

Oh, this is an extremely tough word for so numerous people, most, otherwise all of us. Most of us desire climb to an additional level of performance in this life. None people are fairly where we desire be – whether that be a career, job, family members, or personal objective.

Three Stages of Handling Demons and Dark Energy

Greater than twenty-five years ago, we didn’t take devils and also fiends seriously and were unconvinced of the suggestion of dark as well as demonic power. Today, having pierced the veil that separates the mundane world and also the higher as well as lower aircrafts long ago, we handle entities of different levels, from higher-level overviews to devils, regularly.

Gracious Heaven

Often, even though I believe I have a deeper understanding, I question what lags the veil beyond in the purest feeling. I was assuming regarding the job of Harold Sherman, Brian Weiss, Cock Sutphen and others, and also I recognized that Shakespeare quote that “there are a lot more things in heaven and on earth than imagined by mortal male” is the sincere truth which “this is it” is deceitful.

My Spiritual BFF, Wingman & All Time Favorite Angel

Over these previous years I have actually established a strong taste to Angel Michael and now I connect to him every day for defense, inspiration, and also extra. He’s essentially become my Spiritual BFF and preferred Angel to deal with!

Death Is an Illusion

Death is a terrific teacher, teaching us to live fully in each moment, due to the fact that we never ever understand when our transition might come. Fatality offers meaning; when we show courage and challenge the fact of fatality, we enhance our motivation to cope with a better understanding and also quality of objective. Lastly, death gently convinces us to act right away, as opposed to placing things off for an additional day. Death is unavoidable and also will visit you when it is your time; your task is to live to the most effective of your ability, in the present moment, as well as when fatality does get here, you will certainly be prepared to take the following step in the eternal journey of the soul.

God of Hope, For and Through Hope

God’s hope transcends every one of life’s disappointments, however not quickly. We find out absolutely nothing if our battles are blended away just like a magic wand. Learning is component of God’s telos. His purpose is that we develop. Not just until we stop growing literally, yet via the entire life expectancy, our characters ending up being as beacons for and also of Jesus.

Great Indian Temple

The Hindu temple is an establishment of immemorial classical times which has actually played a notable part not just in the spiritual life of individuals, however also in their social, cultural as well as economic history. In the centuries that cover India’s past, it has had, thus several other things in our life, a chequered history, currently prosperous, now persecuted, now ignored as well as now restored. The holy place, obviously, is not unique to India.

Making the Right Decisions Every Time, The Spiritual Way

We are confronted with selections as well as choices each day. Typically, we question whether the selections and choices we have made are the right ones.

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