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Day Three – Seas and Sustenance

This is the third write-up covering the 7 days of production. As we start a brand-new year, we go back to essentials and appreciate for the source of life.

The Aquarian Age and the Evolution of Mankind

Throughout background, numerous civilizations emerged and had their golden era at once or an additional. The advancement of the human race saw its golden state during Atlantis, since it was only throughout that era when mankind widespread stayed in a state of consciousness and knowledge. After the after effects recognized as “the huge flood”, most of humanity needed to begin from “scratch” and also restore itself.

Restoring the Truth for the Harvest of God’s People Is Underway at the End of the Day

It is in the plan of God that the last days will certainly see the mountain of God built in an area where all will have open door. From it will go a brand-new mentor that will certainly recover the truth as well as give the info to free themselves from the lies that have actually imprisoned them.

Speaking in Tongues Is Power From God – Isaiah 28:9-11

Tongues are an extraordinary pressure of power and they are a network to the Almighty. They lead, lead and shield the Children of the Spirit who are concerning to acquire the earth.

The Imagination Built the Strongest Prison From Which There Was No Escape

After the destruction that will follow the removal of the wall that has actually blinded individuals to fact there will certainly be a brought back earth. Those that are of God and have actually acted in an appropriate means for the length of the day will after that inherit it for infinity and live permanently in tranquility.

The Gentle Love of God for the Children of the Spirit

The trouble people have is surrendering the points taught to them from birth and accepting that the Spirit is one God as well as there is nobody else. Paradise as well as hell are myths as well as will certainly diminish as the temper of the Divine races via the earth to clean it of the evil that has clutched it.

Teaching From Mt Zion Is for the End of the Day

The lies that have actually hidden the truth under mountains of rubbish are being gotten rid of. It is the end of the day and prior to the final drape the Spirit promised all things will be exposed. That is taking place currently via Mt. Zion for those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see.

End Time Harvest Happening Now Through Mt. Zion

The harvest is the celebration in of all that belong to the Spirit. They are leaving religions in droves as well as receiving the power as well as delight that are gifts from God.

The Spirituality of Setting Goals

When January 1 rolls around individuals feel that they can start once more. They established New Year’s resolutions really hoping that, this year, they’ll be able to complete what they’ve always wished to complete.

The Graphic Witness of Repentance

Nothing is concealed from the face of God. Whatever occurs prior to his face. Most of us react to the gospel. By our deeds we have reacted. It’s not what we state that counts, yet it’s what we do.

Problems With the New Testament

The New Testimony is complicated and totally at probabilities with the OT and the predictions therein. It was assembled in haste as well as has no genuine parts to match the predictions by the Spirit for Israel.

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