Hospitality and Obedience – Lot, Nephew of Abraham

The tale of Whole lot is a story of obedience and compassion to complete strangers. This Old Testament account of the devastation of Sodom has lessons to teach us today. Discover much more here.

The Garden of Life

Seeds are like suggestions. Often we put them away and fail to remember where they are, and sometimes it is somebody else that locates the idea and also plants them for us.

Experiencing God’s Presence – Walk

In Luke 10:38 -42, Mary “rested at the Lord’s feet listening to what he stated.” However Jesus isn’t readily available in just one place. God is anywhere (Jeremiah 23:24; Psalm 139:7,8).

Experiencing God’s Presence – Dwell

Resting “at the Lord’s feet listening to what he” says is the very first level of experience. I’m providing undistracted focus to paying attention. Walking with God is the following degree of experience where I am moving via life speaking as well as paying attention to God like I would any type of good friend.

Live in the Present Moment and Reclaim Your Power

I am mosting likely to begin this write-up if I may by asking a question. Are you accustomed to either living in the past or the future? Perhaps like lots of, you alternating between hanging out in both the past and future, therefore staying clear of the treasures, which just a life experienced in today minute can bring. This method robs us of a lot of the delight, aliveness as well as satisfaction, which is our due.

Experience God’s Presence – Listen

Listening to any individual’s words allows me to experience their visibility rather than merely inhabiting space in the very same basic area they are. Going to the films or seeing television allows me to experience the exact same motion picture or the TV program as a person, yet I don’t really experience their presence.

Bring Back the Ancient Wisdom With Spiritual Quantum Physics

Why do I write all these write-ups on Spiritual Quantum Physics? Why do I buck the mainstream of mankind who seem to be just curious about wellness, wealth and also joy. Why do I buck the Scientific Quantum Physicists who seem just interested in finding the reason forever without seeking advice from the Creator God that provided life?

Rastafari Has Changed My Life

It is a common thought that Rastafari is one of the oldest religions on the planet. But in fact it is not a religious beliefs whatsoever. Although the Rasta male uses the Old Testimony as message and a moral base, Rastafari is not a religion whatsoever.

Does the Divine Plan Include Evil? Assassination? War?

Wickedness is not something understood quickly with our 3rd dimensional reasoning. It is time to redesign our photo of what makes the world go ’round. Possibly wickedness is not what you think.

Good Prayer, Bad Prayer?

If you are not really feeling calm or obtaining results when you pray, take a go back and also request for a healing. Keep in mind to eliminate exactly how results will be attained. This gives spirit a way to address your petitions in the highest possible and also finest means feasible.

Fear – An Opponent of the Believer’s Faith

Anxiety desires you to concentrate on the world as well as not Him. We serve an omniscient God that has the ability to see the past, present and also future concurrently. This is a feature that mankind or the globe will certainly never possess; so, we need to trust God. He is the only one who regulates, knows, and also recognizes all facets of our lives (Isaiah 55:8 -9).

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