11-11-11 Abide In Love

We are graced with a confluence of energies that show up on 11-11-11 like Santa Claus on Xmas Day with his satchel loaded with gifts! We, the kids, await this moment with excellent expectancy, for it notes, among other points, the developing of the much proclaimed Age of Aquarius.

From Nothing To Excellence

Precious Viewers, I just desire to guarantee you that God does have a blueprint prepare for you as well as your life which this strategy remained in place long previously He produced whatever – the Galaxy as we understand it and the planet! We read in Genesis 1:1 & 2 that “In the starting God developed the heaven and the planet. And also the planet lacked type, as well as gap; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

What To Do When Life Throws You Into A Ditch

Life can at some time be very cruel yet exactly how a person replies to such ruthlessness will certainly figure out exactly how much that person can go in life. Regardless of what life throws at you, you should have the ability to accept the most awful scenario you find yourself in. With the ideal mentality you can change that seamless gutter right into a paradise.

What to Live For On Earth To Enjoy A Most Fulfilled And Long Life

What are you living for? What is it in your life that when it finishes your life also ends? Lots of people lived for various factors that made lives unpleasant for them and also stop the lives of some of them. However there is what to live for to appreciate a satisfied life. You can appreciate a productive and long life when you live for the ideal reason.

To Arrive in the Place Where You Are Not: Fallacies of the Spiritual Path

The spiritual field is littered with half-baked truths and crackpot facts. Looking for the truth without ending up being affixed to the search itself is a humbling task. Spiritual facts work if you are, or are thinking about, making the spiritual your priority. The spiritual path is the means to yourself. Think of what you hear, take into consideration just how you feel, do decline anything on face worth, weigh over it, ask inquiries as well as see if it makes feeling, and also, above all, be discriminating.

Praying the Rosary – The Third Promise Made By Mother Mary

There are fifteen assurances made by Mommy Mary to those that hope the rosary. This write-ups describes the 3rd pledge in addition to my own extremely personal tale entailing a new means to check out food and also exactly how the third assurance is affirmed.

Evil Angels Banished From Heaven – Enslaved to the Antichrist

The infection of incorrect expertise as a stressing leprosy was grown in this dimension 6000 years ago influencing the assumptions of our first parents Adam and also Eve and also following generations decrease in their lifetime as death breeds the Antichrist spirit. Be careful of this wickedness and also discover more …

Lessons From a Spiritual Adventure

When I was in college I went on my initial spiritual experience. Given that then it’s become a persisting theme in my life, a device I utilize to sharpen myself. Adventuring makes the world appear brand-new, amazing, and filled with meaning in a manner that day-to-day life can’t match.

The Art of Modern Wizardry and the Philosophy of the Wryd

Contemporary Sorcery is an ancient ideology that urges the usage of the wryd in your life, where intuition as well as farsight is all-natural. Unconditional Love is in your heart as well as equilibrium of the cosmos is your objective. Wizards originate from all walks of life, from all creeds as well as sex’s as well as age is no obstacle.

The Fallen Watcher and the Antichrist – Part Ten – Enoch and Elijah

When Enoch discussions with the Beast have your iPod in hand and also watch as well as pay attention. This fight will certainly happen in the center of the week of the seven year adversity. Right when you would think points would progress to the far better, after that suddenly the opposite will certainly take place.

Honesty and Deception

Are we truthful with ourselves? Is honesty dead? Is humanity innately unethical?

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