The Law of Sowing and Reaping – 3 Principles That Will Bring Forth Increase

The law of Sowing as well as Reaping are dealt with concepts that are discovered throughout words of God beginning with Genesis. If you soweth sparingly, you will certainly enjoy moderately, as well as if you soweth bountifully, you will enjoy bountifully.

Mayan Underworlds and 2012

In a follow up to the facility about conclusive cycles of time proposed in the Timewave No as well as the 2012 Merging write-up, I believe an investigation right into just what the Mayan deemed time cycles is of extremely important value. In the western world with our Gregorian schedule, we typically develop time only in a straight fashion; and in doing so, we compromise a greater recognition of life itself. Click the title over to learn more …

The Power of the Tongue in Pulling Down Mountains and Stronghold

Visualize a person with a weapon in his hands wailing because a lion is coming in the direction of him to eliminate him! Worthless, right? But this is what numerous Christians do when the opponent is oppressing them. We have the tool of warfare, the power of the tongue however we do not consider it powerful sufficient to provide us. The truth is that you can beat the devil, hills as well as garrison anytime, anywhere with your tongue.

Meditation for Christians: 5 Methods to Explore Your Relationship to God

There are no set guidelines concerning what makes a meditation specifically Christian. Some practices, nevertheless, were created out of ancient practices by Christians. You can be a fan of Jesus as well as do other types of reflection and gain great advantage and also insight into the method things are. However if you are looking for a way to generate love as well as empathy as well as a more detailed partnership with the Infinite, then the adhering to reflection or prayer techniques deserve thinking about.

Let Go And Rise, Continue And Leap

My imagination took off as I thought about exactly how the tree should really feel to be complimentary as well as tidy to begin once again, to be able to raise itself up greater right into the sunshine. As the trees allow go, the display screen of gorgeous shade and also raining fallen leaves is magnificent. It’s not an unfortunate time, it is a season of harvest and also wealth as well as … rising!

Christianity’s Greatest Adversary

What is the single most dangerous risk to Christianity in today’s globe? Well it isn’t atheism. It isn’t the concurrence of relativism. It isn’t Islam either. It’s religion; it’s man’s version of Christianity.

The City of Babylon

The second most discussed city (after Jerusalem) is Babylon: 290 times. It began as the initial wonderful city. It was established after the flood (Genesis 10,11).

Prophetic Checklist

Numerous think that the stage is set, as well as that the only point necessary for the increase of the Anti-Christ is the Rapture of the Church. The resulting panic and also complication will certainly demand extreme procedures. Someone with remarkable power and great-seeming insight will certainly be called upon to relax points down and also bring a form of peace as well as security. That will certainly be the rise of the Anti-Christ, promoted by the False Prophet to take over the European Power Bloc.

What Does God Want From Me?

Dear William, What is God desiring from me? What am I expect to be learning?

Seeing the Invisible Christ Through Spiritual Perception – From the Crystal Sea – Part 11

The scriptures inform us that “we have the Mind of Christ” (1st Corinthians 2:16), yet the Mind of Christ is not in the mind, and in my own spiritual experience, I had not understood just how to allow the Mind of Christ be my very own mind. Our goal in these explorations is to find ‘the Mind of Christ’ as well as to find exactly how to “allow it be” our own mind.

The Science of God

Science and also spirituality have been at chances given that the start of western people. In early Europe people were eliminated for trying to incorporate both. But in ancient Hamitic culture scientific research and spirituality were the same, one incapable to exist without the various other.

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