Revived In Trouble

In this life there will be tests as well as adversities. There is no circumvention of life’s battles, however there is hope concealed with the understanding that God revitalizes the lives and hopes of those who locate themselves encompassed by trouble.

Ego Is King

I used to think that the ego was that part of us that created all the bad bits. I no much longer believe this!

Devi Karumariamman

The article introduces Devi Karumariamman, an old siren of South Asia. She is one of the most old type of Durga, Indian Mommy Goddess.

How to Find a Good Bible Translation

Lots of Christians have actually been worried throughout history concerning the most effective translation of bible. This short article will certainly assist Christians locate the most effective translation on their own.

Who Are The Judges At Death?

Your subconscious mind has within it an entire file where you shall be evaluated at the end of your life. At the end of every manifestation you will certainly exist with all the documents of your subconscious mind, the particular file of every idea, word, sensation and also …

Singleness: Are You Alone or Lonely?

Whether single or wedded a lot of us do not such as being alone so we discover things to do that relieves that sensation of isolation like watching TV, purchasing, eating or having fun with our mobile phones. The trouble is not with being alone …

Do Psychics Believe in God? What 101 Psychics and Mediums Have Taught Me About a Biblical God

Q: Do psychics count on a supreme being? Do they believe in a traditional Scriptural God? If they DON’T count on god.

Does God Have Something to Learn From Humans?

This short article reviews the definition of life from an esoteric point of view. The theory shared here recommends that God uses the ideas and also feelings of humans to develop as a soul.

Can God Trust You With Trouble: Withstanding the Cross-Examination of the Enemy

There can be no testimony used without the witness being opened up to interrogation. The question after that emerges: Will the statement of your life stand up to the cross-examination by the enemy?

Our Past Life Personalities Are Here to Help Us

Our previous life personalities are vital to our success in this life. This post explores the idea of previous life characters as an effective force of favorable power in our lives.

God Is All Loving

God is all loving and also caring. A mommy enjoys her child for whatever good or negative, so does God. He created the world as well as everything in it including people. He feeds everyone without and discrimination of their cast, shade, creed, religion as well as race. Human beings are judgmental and so do they think concerning God. A human being may not endure the bad individuals yet God does and feeds them as he does to the others. So God is all loving as well as caring.

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